Parashat Bo


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4. The two Hebrew names are Aviv and Nisan (13:4).

5.  The Israelites were commanded to select the lamb on the 10th, sacrifice it on the14th, and finish eating it before morning (12:3, 6, 10).

6. The punishment is having one's soul cut off from Israel (12:19).

7. The Israelites used a bunch of hyssop (12:22).

8. Originally, 70 Israelites went down to Egypt. The Israelites were there for 430 years and in this parashah it says that about 600,000 came out of Egypt (12:40, 37).

9. Tefillin is mentioned twice--in verses 13:9 and 13:16.

10. Rashi says there were two sets of darkness, three days each; the first was so dark that the Egyptians could not see one another; the second was twice as thick and they could not move (10:22-23). Rashi also explains that there were any number of wicked Israelites who did not want to leave Egypt and God was going to kill them during the three days of darkness. He did not want the Egyptians to see this happen and say that the Israelites were killed just as the Egyptians. Also, the period of darkness allowed the Israelites to go through the homes of the Egyptians to see what they had. The Egyptians would likely say they had nothing when the Israelites asked them for what they needed.

11. Pharaoh was a first born and he was spared so he could attest to God's wonders.

12. They did not change their names; they did not change their language; they did not reveal their secrets (Moses had told them that they would leave with many Egyptian possessions); they did not abandon circumcision.

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