Defining Service Of God

As the Israelites transition from being servants of Pharaoh to servants of God, they acknowledge that God will instruct them in how to best serve God.

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Thus, a-v-d is seen in all its shades of meaning in this parashah, from demeaning slavery to exalting Divine worship. a-v-d is a concept that undergoes a significant transformation in the course of this parshah, which charts the transition of the Hebrews from being Pharaoh's slaves to becoming servants of Hashem. Pharaoh's caprices left the Hebrews powerless, crushed. But God's commandments empower and ennoble them.

God, Creator and Master of the universe, is the One Who sets the standards for mankind. He defines morality as well as the paths to spiritual connection. We who serve God must listen for His dictates, and, when He commands, we must respond, as did our Patriarchs and Moses, with "Here we are--Heneini."

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Rabbi Avraham Fischer

Avraham Fischer is a rabbi at Darche Noam Institutions.