Haftarah for Kedoshim

On chosenness and holiness.

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Connection to the Parashah

In Parashat Kedoshim, God emphasizes that He gave the people, "My laws and My rules, by the pursuit of which man shall live" (Lev. 18:5). This same sentiment is repeated verbatim by Ezekiel, "I gave them My laws and taught them My rules, by the pursuit of which a man shall live" (20:11). This phrase implies that following the laws given by God is the source of vitality, a hard-hitting point in any era.

An additional connection between the parashah and haftarah is found in the way that Moses and Ezekiel present the messages they have been given by God. In Parashat Kedoshim, Moses transmits many laws from God to the people, always emphasizing that the tenets he teaches come directly from God, and that the people can be sanctified by following in God's way. Similarly, in the haftarah, though Ezekiel is the vessel through which God is transmitting His message, Ezekiel is careful to always emphasize the centrality of God's law.

On the Occasion of a Double Parashah

When Aharei Mot and Kedoshim are read together as a double parashah, most congregations read the haftarah selection from Amos.

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