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Talmud Quiz

The Talmud--which consists of the Mishnah and Gemara--explicates and builds upon the Torah's laws and stories. How much do you know about this influential and complex body of Jewish teachings?

Question 1. Who was Hillel's intellectual adversary?


Question 2. What is the first teaching in Pirkei Avot?
 Be a disciple of Aaron, loving peace and pursuing peace
 Say little and do much
 If I am only for myself, who am I?
 Moses received Torah from God at Sinai


Question 3. Which of these is not a Talmud?
 The Jerusalem Talmud
 The Babylonian Talmud
 The Rabbis' Talmud


Question 4. Which of these sages lived first?
 Rabbi Akiba
 Rabbi Judah the Prince
 Resh Lakish


Question 5. Which of these teachings does NOT appear in Pirkei Avot?
 Love your neighbor as yourself
 The world stands on three things: Torah, service, and acts of loving kindness
 The day is short and the work is great
 You are not obligated to complete the work, but neither are you free to desist from it


Question 6. Which of these is not the subject of an order of the Mishnah?
 Hanukkah Observance
 Sacred times


Question 7. What are the two kinds of material found in the Talmud?
 Law and narrative
 Sephardic positions and Ashkenazic positions
 Rulings for priests and rulings for Israelites
 P'shat and midrash


Question 8. Where was the "Babylonian" Talmud produced?
 The land that is modern-day Egypt
 The land that is modern-day Iraq
 The land that is modern-day Poland
 The land that is modern-day Lithuania


Question 9. Which came first, the Mishnah or the Gemara?


Question 10. Which of the two Talmuds is considered more authoritative?
 They are given equal consideration
 The Yerushalmi is considered more important for priests, the Bavli for common folk