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Talmud Quiz

The Talmud--which consists of the Mishnah and Gemara--explicates and builds upon the Torah's laws and stories. How much do you know about this influential and complex body of Jewish teachings?

Question 1. About how many years separated the writing of the Mishnah and Gemara?
 They were written simultaneously
 About 200 years
 About 500 years
 About 2,000 years
 None of the above


Question 2. According to Jewish tradition, who compiled the Mishnah?
 The Amoraim
 Resh Lakish
 The students of Hillel
 Judah the Prince


Question 3. Which of the two Talmuds is considered more authoritative?
 They are given equal consideration
 The Yerushalmi is considered more important for priests, the Bavli for common folk


Question 4. Which of these questions is debated in the Mishnah?
 When does one begin the morning prayers?
 What are the limitations of the liability of someone who watches another's property?
 Can cheese and meat be on the same table?
 All of these


Question 5. Why do Jews study Talmud?
 In order to extract functional law
 In order to be trained as religious leaders
 In order to gain insight into the written Torah
 All of these reasons


Question 6. Why was the Mishnah so important?
 No Jewish book had ever listed laws before
 It was the final word on every aspect of Jewish law
 It turned Judaism from a Temple-centered religion to a lifecycle-centered one
 All of the above
 None of the above


Question 7. Which came first, the Mishnah or the Gemara?


Question 8. Which of these does not appear in the Talmud?
 Halakhot, or laws
 Aggadot, or parables
 Midrashim, or "filling in the blanks" in Torah stories
 All of these appear
 None of these appear


Question 9. Which of these is not a Talmud?
 The Jerusalem Talmud
 The Babylonian Talmud
 The Rabbis' Talmud


Question 10. Who was Beruriah?
 The wife of Rabbi Yohanan
 A woman who learned "three hundred laws from three hundred teachers in one day"
 The original compiler of the Talmud
 A female martyr in the Talmudic era
 None of the above