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Talmud Quiz

The Talmud--which consists of the Mishnah and Gemara--explicates and builds upon the Torah's laws and stories. How much do you know about this influential and complex body of Jewish teachings?

Question 1. Which is the standard edition of the Talmud?
 The Jerusalem Edition
 The Vilna Edition
 The Perushim of Rashi
 The Revised Standard Version


Question 2. Which of the following people wrote a commentary on the Gemara?
 Yom Tov Ishbili, the Ritba
 Menahem Meiri
 All of the above


Question 3. How is the Tosefta different from the Mishnah?
 The Tosefta is much longer than the Mishnah
 The Mishnah contains rules related to women; the Tosefta does not
 The Tosefta has many historical layers; the Mishnah does not
 The two are basically the same


Question 4. What does Talmud mean?


Question 5. Which of the two Talmuds is considered more authoritative?
 They are given equal consideration
 The Yerushalmi is considered more important for priests, the Bavli for common folk


Question 6. Who was Beruriah?
 The wife of Rabbi Yohanan
 A woman who learned "three hundred laws from three hundred teachers in one day"
 The original compiler of the Talmud
 A female martyr in the Talmudic era
 None of the above


Question 7. Who was Hillel's intellectual adversary?


Question 8. Which of the following is NOT the name of one of the six orders of the Mishnah?
 Nashim (Women)
 Brakhot (Blessings)
 Nezikin (Damages)
 Zeraim (Agriculture)


Question 9. What does Avot D'Rabbi Natan contain?
 Maxims that cover the proper approach to Torah study and common human courtesy
 Agricultural rulings
 Medical ethics
 Laws of daily life


Question 10. Where is the commentary of the Tosafot on a page of Talmud?
 Always on the left
 Always on the right
 Always on the inside
 Always on the outside