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Halakhah Quiz

Jewish authorities have produced over time a major body of legal texts, governing nearly every aspect of Jewish practice--or Halakhah. How much do you know about Jewish law and its foundational texts?

Question 1. Which secular subject was the Vilna Gaon well-versed in?
 All of the above


Question 2. Which of these primary halakhic texts was written first?
 Arba'ah Turim
 Shulhan Arukh
 Mishneh Torah
 Igrot Moshe


Question 3. What is a luach?
 An order of excommunication
 A legal guide to Jewish lifestyle practices
 A Jewish calendar
 A new proposed halakhic ruling


Question 4. True or false: While early Reform leaders rejected halakhah outright, more recent Reform leaders have argued that halakhah is still important.


Question 5. What does the Conservative movement believe about halakhah?
 It lost its relevance for the current generation.
 It continues to be relevant, but is not static.
 It is an Orthodox fabrication.
 It is a Reform fabrication.


Question 6. Which movement attempted to claim the Vilna Gaon as an ancestor?
 Conservative Judaism
 Jewish Renewal


Question 7. True or false: When it was published, the legal authority of the Shulhan Arukh was not universally accepted.