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Halakhah Quiz

Jewish authorities have produced over time a major body of legal texts, governing nearly every aspect of Jewish practice--or Halakhah. How much do you know about Jewish law and its foundational texts?

Question 1. What is the Mishneh Torah?
 The oral commentary to the Torah, relating additional stories and laws
 The written commentary to the Torah, relating additional stories and laws
 A summary of laws relating to all areas of Jewish life, composed by Maimonides
 A tool of interpretation which assumes that every word, letter, and even stroke of the pen in the Torah has meaning


Question 2. What does the Conservative movement believe about halakhah?
 It lost its relevance for the current generation.
 It continues to be relevant, but is not static.
 It is an Orthodox fabrication.
 It is a Reform fabrication.


Question 3. Which 17th-century rabbi helped define halakhot about how Sephardic and Ashkenazic rabbis may react with each other?
 Joseph di Trani
 Zvi Hirsch Ashkenazi
 Yom Tob Algazi
 Joseph Caro


Question 4. What was Rabbi Moshe Feinstein's ruling regarding taking out life insurance?
 It violates the principle of trusting in God
 It is like any other business transaction--God helps those who help themselves
 It is not forbidden, but is frowned upon, as a form of gambling
 He never issued a ruling regarding life insurance


Question 5. True or false: When it was published, the legal authority of the Shulhan Arukh was not universally accepted.


Question 6. While studying halakhah, which of the following did the yeshivas of Lithuania emphasize in the 1800s and early 1900s?
 Practical application
 Theoretical application
 They emphasized both equally


Question 7. Which is the first compiled halakhic code?
 Sefer Ha-She'iltot
 Halakhot Pesukot
 Shulhan Arukh
 Iggerot Moshe