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Halakhah Quiz

Jewish authorities have produced over time a major body of legal texts, governing nearly every aspect of Jewish practice--or Halakhah. How much do you know about Jewish law and its foundational texts?

Question 1. Why, according to its author, was the Shulhan Arukh written?
 In order to instill a uniform halakhic code for all Jews
 Because the expulsion of the Jews from Spain and their subsequent dispersion among Ashkenazic communities had caused confusion about the rules of observance
 Because rabbis had become scarce, and Jews needed an easy way to answer their questions
 To create a break from the strict rabbinical system of answering questions through the local town rabbi


Question 2. Which is a handbook for Conservative rabbis?
 Sefer Ha-Sh'iltot
 Moreh Derekh
 Iggerot Moshe
 Etz Hayyim Humash


Question 3. What is a luach?
 An order of excommunication
 A legal guide to Jewish lifestyle practices
 A Jewish calendar
 A new proposed halakhic ruling


Question 4. How many voting members serve on Committee of Jewish Law and Standards for the Conservative Movement?


Question 5. Which secular subject was the Vilna Gaon well-versed in?
 All of the above


Question 6. In the biblical story of the Daughters of Zelophehad, how do the title characters settle their halakhic dispute?
 They use the Sanhedrin court, its first known mention
 They create an altar and pray for an answer
 Their husbands take the case to Moses and Aaron
 They take the matter to Moses, who brings it directly to God


Question 7. Which of these is not a halakhic guide published by the Conservative movement?
 Moreh Derekh
 A Guide to Jewish Religious Practice
 United Synagogue Luach
 Hilkhot Bat Yisrael