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Liturgy & Prayers Quiz

From the morning Shema to the evening Shema, prayer provides structure for the Jewish day. How much do you know about liturgy and prayers for regular days, Shabbat, and holidays?

Question 1. What is unusual about the kaddish prayer?
 It does not mention God's name
 It is in Aramaic, not Hebrew
 It does not mention death
 All of the above
 None of the above


Question 2. What is the afternoon service called?


Question 3. The prayer in the morning service called Barukh She'amar lists how many different attributes of God?


Question 4. Except on Mondays and Thursdays, Tahanun (the supplication prayer) begins with a reference to which biblical figure?
 King David
 King Solomon


Question 5. What is the name of the Reconstructionist movement's main prayerbooks for weekdays, Shabbat, and holidays?
 Siddur Sim Shalom
 Kol Haneshamah
 Metsudah Siddur
 Gates of Prayer


Question 6. Which book of the Torah is the first line of the Shema prayer taken from?


Question 7. When a Torah scroll is removed from the ark, what does the congregation chant?
 "Turn us to you, O Lord, and we will return. Renew our days as of old"
 "Hear, O Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord alone"
 "From Zion shall come forth the Torah, the word of the Lord from Jerusalem"
 "Praise the Lord who is blessed!"


Question 8. Following Birkot HaShahar, which biblical story appears in traditional siddurim?
 Noah’s ark
 The tower of Babel
 The receiving of the Ten Commandments
 The binding of Isaac