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Book of Sh'mot Quiz

This quiz was made in partnership with Check out their Unscrolled: 54 Writers and Artists Wrestle With the Torah, a unique and delightful collection of Torah commentaries.

Question 1. How many pieces of gold were used to make the menorah?


Question 2. Which of the following was NOT a plague?


Question 3. Before what holiday do we reread the story of the Israelites defeating the Amalekites?
 Tisha B'av


Question 4. How many days was Moses on Mount Sinai to get the first set of tablets?
 7 days and 7 nights
 Five full moons
 100 days and 100 nights
 40 days and 40 nights


Question 5. What were the Israelitesí cues to move through the desert?
 Clouds by day; pillar of fire by night
 Water by day; ice by night
 Sun by day; moon by night
 Glitter by day; stars by night


Question 6. What was the name of Godís architect?


Question 7. What is the meaning of the name Moses?
 "For I drew him from the water"
 "He is more than I could hope for"
 "He is gentle like a lamb"
 "He who says more"


Question 8. What were the Israelites commanded to do before leaving Egypt as part of the Pascal sacrifice?
 barbecue a sacrificial lamb
 Eat unleavened bread and bitter herbs
 Eat with their shoes on
 Paint the doorposts with blood
 All of the above


Question 9. What did the Israelite men do to prepare for receiving the Torah?
 Wash their clothing
 Build a fence around Mount Sinai
 Stay away from women
 All of the above


Question 10. How were 3,000 Israelites punished for building the Golden Calf?
 They were given 40 lashes
 They had to eat manna all the time
 They were sent back to Egypt