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Bible Quiz

The Hebrew Bible is hardly bound by its covers; it has inspired significant commentary and criticism. How much do you know about the contents of the Bible, and about biblical scholarship?

Question 1. According to the account in Genesis, God made Eve from what part of Adamís body?
 A rib
 A finger
 A hair
 A drop of blood


Question 2. Ecclesiastes, Esther, Song of Songs, Ruth, and Lamentations are together known by what name?
 The Megillot


Question 3. How many books are in the Hebrew Bible?


Question 4. What is another name for the Book of Leviticus?
 Torat Kohanim
 Mishneh Torah


Question 5. True or false: The Bible as a whole makes no claim for divine authorship.


Question 6. Which of these books is NOT part of the former prophets?
 The Book of Joshua
 The Book of Judges
 The Book of Samuel
 The Book of Isaiah


Question 7. According to biblical scholars, when was the latest material in the Hebrew Bible produced?
 Fifth century BCE
 Around year 1 CE
 Second century CE
 Sixth century CE


Question 8. The Book of Chronicles never mentions
 The story of creation
 The Exodus from Egypt
 King David
 The Temple in Jerusalem


Question 9. When do scholars think the text of the Book of Esther was written?
 By an eyewitness to the events
 During the First Temple period
 During the Second Temple period
 In the second century CE


Question 10. What was the name of the King of Moab who wanted Balaam to curse the Israelites?