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Bible Characters Quiz

From Adam to Zechariah, Haggai to Haman, the Bible is full of interesting personalities. Heroes, villains, prophets and problem children, we've got 'em all. Test your knowledge of Bible characters and you could win an Amazon gift card!

Question 1. The prophet Jonah is sent to what city?
 Beit El
 Be'er Sheva


Question 2. How old is Moses when he goes before Pharaoh to demand "Let my people go!"?


Question 3. Ehud is a judge who was known for being


Question 4. Who is not a prostitute mentioned in the Bible?


Question 5. Who is not related to King David?


Question 6. Zeresh is the name of
 Jacob's concubine
 Solomon's Egyptian wife
 Haman's wife
 A Priestess of ba'al


Question 7. Which of these women is not described as barren in the Bible?


Question 8. What is the name of Davidís bed-warmer?


Question 9. What does not appear in the Bible?
 A talking snake
 A talking donkey
 A ghost
 A talking whale


Question 10. Bilhah and Zilpah are