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Bible Characters Quiz

From Adam to Zechariah, Haggai to Haman, the Bible is full of interesting personalities. Heroes, villains, prophets and problem children, we've got 'em all. Test your knowledge of Bible characters!

Question 1. Who does not try to pass his wife off as his sister?
 They all did


Question 2. At the end of his life, Isaac is


Question 3. Heggai is
 A eunuch in Ahasuerus's palace
 A minor prophet
 One of Daniel's students
 A King of Israel


Question 4. Who is a passenger on Noah’s ark?


Question 5. Elijah’s protégé is named


Question 6. Who is known for his hairy arms?


Question 7. Bilhah and Zilpah are


Question 8. Yael
 Kills a man
 Judges the Israelites
 Marries Sisera
 Sings and play the tambourine


Question 9. Who is not related to King David?


Question 10. Which of Jacob’s sons take vengeance on Shechem after their sister Dinah is raped?
 Reuben and Judah
 Simeon and Levi
 Gad and Asher
 Issachar and Naphtali