My Jewish Learning

Torah Study Quiz

For thousands of years Jews have been studying texts in pairs or in groups, respectfully debating each other, and learning the stories and legal texts of Judaism. How much do you know about studying Torah?

Question 1. Which of these describes the process of Jewish study?
 A dialogue among students
 A dialogue among students and their teachers
 A dialogue between students and the text
 All of the above


Question 2. After which holiday do Jews begin the cycle of weekly Torah reading?
 Rosh Hashanah
 Yom Kippur
 Simchat Torah


Question 3. What is a beit midrash?
 A Torah scholar
 A house of study
 A holy ark where Torah scrolls are kept
 A special room where only rabbis are allowed to study


Question 4. Before studying, it is customary to say a blessing thanking God for what?
 Commanding us to occupy ourselves with the words of Torah
 Commanding us to learn Torah
 Commanding us to teach and promulgate Torah
 Commanding us the mitzvot in the Torah


Question 5. What does "it" refer to in this rabbinic saying: "Turn it and turn it; for everything is in it"?
 The Torah
 The human soul
 The created universe
 The Jewish prayer book


Question 6. In approaching a text, one may first try to understand its p'shat. What does this mean?
 Plain meaning
 Time period