My Jewish Learning

Torah Study Quiz

For thousands of years Jews have been studying texts in pairs or in groups, respectfully debating each other, and learning the stories and legal texts of Judaism. How much do you know about studying Torah?

Question 1. What is a humash?
 A Torah scroll
 A book containing only haftarot
 A code of Jewish law
 A printed Torah for synagogue use which usually also contains haftarot


Question 2. What is a talmid hakham?
 A house of worship
 A type of Talmud
 A Torah scholar
 A medieval Torah commentary


Question 3. What does Judaism value more--study or action?
 Study is most important because it is considered equal to all the other commandments
 Action is most important, as it says in Pirke Avot: "It is not the study that is essential, but rather the action"
 Study is most important, when it leads to action
 Neither is as important as meditation


Question 4. Which 20th-century Jewish scholar said: “When I pray, I speak to God; when I study, God speaks to me”?
 Ovadiah Yosef
 Martin Buber
 Louis Finkelstein
 Judith Plaskow


Question 5. Which of the following Jewish books have, at one time, been banned?
 Azariah de Rossi's Meor Eynayyim
 Maimonides' Guide of the Perplexed
 Mordecai Kaplan's siddur
 All of these


Question 6. Which of these describes the process of Jewish study?
 A dialogue among students
 A dialogue among students and their teachers
 A dialogue between students and the text
 All of the above