My Jewish Learning

Torah Study Quiz

For thousands of years Jews have been studying texts in pairs or in groups, respectfully debating each other, and learning the stories and legal texts of Judaism. How much do you know about studying Torah?

Question 1. Which of these describes the process of Jewish study?
 A dialogue among students
 A dialogue among students and their teachers
 A dialogue between students and the text
 All of the above


Question 2. What is a humash?
 A Torah scroll
 A book containing only haftarot
 A code of Jewish law
 A printed Torah for synagogue use which usually also contains haftarot


Question 3. What does the term “talmud torah” specifically refer to?
 The study of the Torah itself
 The study of only the Talmud
 The study of the Torah, rabbinic texts, medieval commentaries, and later legal and ethical writings
 The study of commentaries on the weekly Torah portion


Question 4. Which of the following statements about Jewish censorship of books is most accurate?
 Throughout history Jews have censored books by other Jews at remarkable rates and with great intensity
 There are no instances of Jewish censorship or book burning
 In the Middle Ages Jewish censorship sometimes led to apostasy and in one case, murder
 Compared to the adherents of Christianity and Islam, Jews have been rather less tempted to condemn works compiled by other Jews


Question 5. After which holiday do Jews begin the cycle of weekly Torah reading?
 Rosh Hashanah
 Yom Kippur
 Simchat Torah


Question 6. What is a talmid hakham?
 A house of worship
 A type of Talmud
 A Torah scholar
 A medieval Torah commentary