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Jewish Prayer Quiz

Jewish prayer has evolved from scattered supplications in the Bible to a vast, codified tradition today. How much do you know about Jewish prayer, synagogues, rabbis, and liturgy?

Question 1. What is the daily prayer book called?


Question 2. The additional prayer service for Shabbat and festivals is called:


Question 3. Which is the correct ending for the blessing for washing one’s hands?
 Dayan ha'emet
 She'natan mi-kvodo l'vasar va-dam
 Al netilat yadayim
 Hatov v'ha'meitiv


Question 4. What is NOT part of the traditional liturgy arranged by the Tannaim?
 The twice-daily recitation of the Shema
 "The Prayer" of 18 blessings, also known as the Amidah
 The recitation every morning of Modeh Ani
 Public Torah reading


Question 5. Which of these is not a garment worn for Jewish prayer?


Question 6. True or false: While the “official” language of Jewish prayer is Hebrew, there are several Aramaic parts of the liturgy.


Question 7. True or false: The first Jewish prayer books can be found in the writings of the post-talmudic sages of Babylonia (geonim) and their successors in North Africa and Europe.


Question 8. Which sages first gave Jewish prayer its structure and basic contents?
 Messianic Jews
 The Tannaim
 The latter prophets


Question 9. Why did regular communal Jewish prayer begin in post-Temple times?
 To substitute for the daily offerings at the Temple
 Because the priests felt that the Jewish people were becoming distant and sinful
 Because people felt that sacrificing animals was cruel and unnecessary
 To give people a way to mourn the loss of the Temple


Question 10. What is the Hebrew name for tefillin boxes?