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Kashrut/Dietary Laws Quiz

The rules of kashrut dictate which animals can be eaten, how to slaughter animals, and how to separate meat and dairy. How much do you know about the details of and reasons behind kashrut?

Question 1. What is the name of the symbol that certifies products as kosher?


Question 2. True or false: If blood is found in a piece of meat or an egg, it is no longer kosher to eat.


Question 3. What does terefah mean?


Question 4. Which of these are never kosher?
 Dairy products


Question 5. Why did 20,000 Lower East Side women boycott kosher meat in 1920?
 Because of the jump in prices of kosher meat
 Because they found blood in their meat
 Because they discovered that animals had not be slaughtered properly
 To protest the beef monopoly


Question 6. What is the kashering method used for most foodware?


Question 7. Were Adam and Eve vegetarians?