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Jewish Practices Quiz

Mitzvot--Judaism's commandments--guide Jewish practice. They have been interpreted and codified into a system called Halakhah--Jewish law. How much do you know about Jewish practices and the rules for Jewish daily life?

Question 1. Which of these mitzvot are still performed by Jews today?
 Mitzvot related to organ donation
 Animal sacrifices
 Giving agricultural gifts to the priests
 All of these


Question 2. According to Jewish law, how much charity should a person give every year?
 5% of income
 10% of income
 20% of income
 25% of income


Question 3. True or false: By the high Middle Ages, most Jewish communities recognized one rabbi as the arbiter of Jewish law in that community.


Question 4. Which of the following is true of the commandment to visit the sick?
 It's forbidden if the sick person has a communicable disease
 It's encouraged, even when it will make the person sicker
 It is thought to have healing properties
 It is preferable to visit as often as possible and stay as long as possible


Question 5. True or false: In Judaism there is no explicit concept of rights--only responsibilities.


Question 6. What is the name of the headcovering worn by many Jewish men and some Jewish women?


Question 7. According to Jewish law, during the week after someone's immediate family member dies, one should:
 Not visit that person so they can grieve in private
 Visit in order to express support
 Visit in order to bring food, but leave immediately
 Visit only if they are specifically asked to


Question 8. Which is an example of a Jewish custom, or minhag?
 Putting on tefillin during morning prayers
 Saying kaparot before Rosh Hashanah, while waving a rooster around one's head and saying "May this rooster, which is to be killed, be an atonement for my sins"
 Separating milk from meat when eating meals
 Putting a mezuzah on one's doorpost


Question 9. What Jewish practice is done immediately upon waking up in the morning?
 Kissing the Mezuzah
 Washing the hands
 Praying Shaharit
 Brushing the teeth


Question 10. What is Levirate marriage?
 The obligation of a surviving brother to marry the widow of his brother if he died without having fathered children
 The obligation of a Jewish woman to marry a Levite if there is one who desires her
 The custom of inviting a Levite to officiate at a Jewish wedding
 The name for a marriage that has not been consummated