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Jewish Ethics Quiz

Judaism has a lot to say about ethics. How can we be responsible businesspeople? What constitutes talking about someone (and is it ever good to)? How can we be mentsches -- and what is a mentsch, anyway?

Question 1. True or false: According to the Shulhan Arukh, one should comfort both Jewish and non-Jewish mourners.


Question 2. According to Jewish law, when can vows be nullified?
 When they are broken
 On Purim at the end of the Fast of Esther
 On Passover at the seder
 On Yom Kippur at Kol Nidre


Question 3. Where does the term tikkun olam, repairing the world, first appear?
 The works of Martin Buber
 The Mishnah
 Lurianic Kabbalah
 The Book of Exodus


Question 4. Which of these is a talmudic legal principle?
 "The law of the land is the law"
 “The law reaches beyond the letter of the law”
 "From the time you made your first offer, I had resolved in my mind to sell it to you. Therefore I may take no greater amount."
 All of the above.
 None of the above.


Question 5. Which of these is a fundamental principle of Jewish business ethics?
 "Let the buyer beware"
 "The law of the land is the law"
 "If you can't take the heat, keep out of the kitchen"
 "You break it, you bought it"


Question 6. Which of the following are governed by the guidelines of derekh eretz?
 Common decency
 Making a livelihood
 All of the above


Question 7. According to the Torah, what major event was accomplished by speech?
 The creation of the world
 The splitting of the sea
 The miracle of the manna
 The destruction of Jericho