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Our Bodies Quiz

In Judaism, spirituality and physicality are closely connected, and Judaism has lots to say about issues like modesty and healthy behaviors. How much do you know about Jewish attitudes toward the body?

Question 1. During which prayer on the High Holidays is it common to prostrate oneself fully on the ground.
 Adon Olam
 Modeh Ani


Question 2. When Jewish women cover their hair, what does this traditionally indicate?
 That they are dating
 That they are married
 That they are engaged
 That they are pregnant


Question 3. Which of these words in the Tanakh does NOT describe the soul?


Question 4. What is pikuach nefesh?
 The study of medicine
 The biblical law against unnecessary surgery
 The codes concerning modesty
 The saving of a life


Question 5. True or false: The Torah prohibits men from wearing women's clothes, and vice versa.


Question 6. What does the Hebrew word tz'ni'ut mean?
 Head covering


Question 7. The Torah provides extensive detail regarding the clothing of:
 The patriarchs--Abraham, Isaac, Jacob
 The rabbis
 The Levites
 The High Priest