My Jewish Learning

Our Bodies Quiz

In Judaism, spirituality and physicality are closely connected, and Judaism has lots to say about issues like modesty and healthy behaviors. How much do you know about Jewish attitudes toward the body?

Question 1. Which early Christian said that circumcision was an irrelevant practice?


Question 2. The Torah provides extensive detail regarding the clothing of:
 The patriarchs--Abraham, Isaac, Jacob
 The rabbis
 The Levites
 The High Priest


Question 3. What is a sheitel?
 A Yiddish word for a kippah (skullcap)
 Shoes worn on Shabbat
 A winter coat
 A wig


Question 4. What is shucklen?
 The Yiddish term for swaying during prayer
 The Yiddish term for laughing
 The Hebrew term for a clean body
 The Hebrew term for a clean soul


Question 5. What did the sages of the talmudic era believe about the human body?
 That it is a vessel for the soul
 That it is completely unimportant
 That it is a vessel for the mind
 That it is holier than God


Question 6. According to the Book of Exodus, if a slave wishes to remain with his/her owner, what does the owner do to the slave's body to make him/her a permanent slave?
 He tattoos the slave's arm
 He pierces the slave's ear
 He cuts off the slave's hand
 Any of the above


Question 7. When Jewish women cover their hair, what does this traditionally indicate?
 That they are dating
 That they are married
 That they are engaged
 That they are pregnant