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Our Bodies Quiz

In Judaism, spirituality and physicality are closely connected, and Judaism has lots to say about issues like modesty and healthy behaviors. How much do you know about Jewish attitudes toward the body?

Question 1. True or false: There is an explicit biblical commandment to exercise and eat a balanced diet.


Question 2. The Torah provides extensive detail regarding the clothing of:
 The patriarchs--Abraham, Isaac, Jacob
 The rabbis
 The Levites
 The High Priest


Question 3. The rules of tz'ni'ut, or modesty, apply to which area of life?
 All of these


Question 4. True or false: according to the principle of pikuach nefesh doheh Shabbat, Shabbat work prohibitions may be overridden if one's health is at risk.


Question 5. Rabbinic literature describes the human being as an olam katan, meaning what?
 The melding of body and soul
 A microcosm of the world
 A reincarnation of Adam and Eve
 A sacred temple


Question 6. What is the status of cosmetic surgery in Jewish law?
 It is forbidden under any circumstances
 It is permitted only when there is a legitimate medical purpose
 It is permitted only in the case of tattoo removal
 It is always forbidden except in the case of burn victims


Question 7. Which of the following is a way rabbis explained the biblical prohibition against getting tattoos?
 People are created in the image of God, and tattooing alters that image
 Tattooing can be disrespectful to one's parents
 Tattoos can be a sign of idolatry
 All of the above