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Our Bodies Quiz

In Judaism, spirituality and physicality are closely connected, and Judaism has lots to say about issues like modesty and healthy behaviors. How much do you know about Jewish attitudes toward the body?

Question 1. What has been considered a prevalent practice in early Hasidism?
 Smoking tobacco pipes
 Smoking marijuana
 Drinking whiskey
 Abstaining from all alcohol and drugs


Question 2. Where does the practice of wearing a skullcap come from?
 A verse in the Torah
 A mishnah
 The Talmud
 It is a custom, or minhag


Question 3. The laws about clothing in the Torah include which of these requirements?
 Wearing clothes that cover one’s elbows and knees
 Wearing hats or kippot
 Refraining from wearing clothes that contain wool and linen in the same garment
 Refraining from wearing costumes except on Purim


Question 4. Does Jewish law permit men to shave with an electric shaver?


Question 5. In the bible, why did King Ahasuerus choose Queen Esther as his wife?
 For her intelligence
 For her bright dress
 For her outward beauty
 For her disdain of personal hygiene


Question 6. According to the Book of Exodus, if a slave wishes to remain with his/her owner, what does the owner do to the slave's body to make him/her a permanent slave?
 He tattoos the slave's arm
 He pierces the slave's ear
 He cuts off the slave's hand
 Any of the above


Question 7. What is the status of body piercing in Jewish law?
 It is completely prohibited
 It is permitted, but can bring up issues of modesty
 It is permitted, but only for women
 It is permitted, but only for men