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Jewish Ritual Objects

From a Torah to a seder plate, apples and honey to a mezuzah, Jewish life is full of ritual objects that help us perform mitzvot (commandments) and live Jewish lives. How much do you know about Jewish ritual objects?

Question 1. How many wicks must a havdalah candle have?
 More than one
 At least three


Question 2. Which of these objects is meant to be affixed on the doorways of one's home?


Question 3. Which of the following is NOT a blast of the shofar?


Question 4. The greenery used for the roof of a sukkah is called


Question 5. According to the haggadah, what is the bread of affliction?
 Bitter Herbs


Question 6. Which of the following is used in bedikat hametz?


Question 7. What is the Hebrew word for phylactories?


Question 8. What goes inside a tzedakah box?


Question 9. How many candles are lit on the last day of Hanukkah?


Question 10. Tzitzit are meant to be tied on
 The top of all square garments
 The corners of garments
 The back of shirts
 The sides of pants