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Who Wrote This Contemporary Text?

From Everything is Illuminated to The Sabbath, see if you can name the authors of these contemporary texts.

Question 1. Who wrote Tevye the Dairyman and Other Stories?
 Chaim Nachman Bialik
 Sholem Aleichem
 Ahad Haam
 David Grossman


Question 2. Who wrote Bread Givers?
 Anzia Yezierska
 YL Peretz
 AB Yehoshua


Question 3. Who wrote Night?
 Primo Levi
 Elie Weisel
 Cynthia Ozick
 Roman Polanski


Question 4. Who is the author of Portnoys Complaint?
 Philip Larkin
 Philip Roth
 Saul Bellow
 Cynthia Ozick


Question 5. Who wrote Everything is Illuminated?
 Nathan Englander
 Jonathan Safran Foer
 Jonathan Franzen
 Rivka Galchen


Question 6. Who wrote the poem Kaddish?
 Woody Allen
 Adrienne Rich
 Allen Ginsberg
 Samuel Menashe


Question 7. Who wrote I and Thou?
 Martin Buber
 Abraham Joshua Heschel
 Elliott Dorff
 Leo Baeck


Question 8. Who wrote As a Driven Leaf?
 Louis Jacobs
 Akiva Tatz
 Norman Lamm
 Milton Steinberg


Question 9. Who wrote The Sabbath?
 Leo Baeck
 Moshe Soloveichik
 Abraham Joshua Heschel
 Louis Jacobs


Question 10. Who wrote the poem The New Colossus?
 Yehuda Amichai
 Emma Lazarus
 Emily Dickinson