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Relationships Quiz

Respect, education, and holiness are at the core of most Jewish laws regarding dealing with others. But what are the details of what Judaism advises for spouses, parents, children, siblings, and friends?

Question 1. Which of the following biblical pairs are described as having an exemplary friendship?
 Eliezer and Laban
 Rachel and Bilhah
 Jonathan and David
 David and Saul


Question 2. According to the Talmud, who are the 3 partners in a person's creation?
 Parents, God, community
 Father, mother, earth mother
 Mother, father, God
 Father, son, holy ghost


Question 3. Which of the following are situations in which the Talmud allows a child to disobey his or her parents?
 When a parent asks a child to violate Shabbat
 When a child wants to move to Israel and his parents forbid the move
 When a child wants to stay up late to learn Torah, but her parents say she has to go to bed
 A and C
 A and B


Question 4. Which of these is a responsibility Jewish parents have toward a first-born son?
 They must redeem him from the priesthood
 They must educate him
 They must circumcise him
 All of the above


Question 5. How is sex within marriage seen by Jewish tradition?
 As an obligation, but not one that should be done with excessive enthusiasm
 As part of the human drive for holiness
 As necessary in order to procreate, but not once the woman has reached menopause
 As a beautiful but not obligatory part of a marriage


Question 6. According to Jewish law, which of these are requirements a father must fulfill for his son?
 Teach him to swim
 Teach him how to make a living
 Teach him Torah
 All of the above


Question 7. The Torah says that one who respects his or her parents will be rewarded in what way?
 With great wealth
 With long life
 With great respect from the Jewish people
 With a guaranteed entrance into Olam Haba, the World to Come