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Newborn Ceremonies Quiz

The birth of a child is a momentous occasion for any family. How much do you know about Jewish ceremonies for new baby boys and girls?

Question 1. What is name of the ceremony in which first-born Jewish males are redeemed from the service of the ancient priests?
 Pidyon HaBen
 Brit Milah
 Simhat Bat
 Bar Mitzvah


Question 2. Who is the person who is required, in traditional Jewish sources, to perform the brit milah on a baby boy?
 The rabbi.
 The sandak.
 The father.
 The baby himself.


Question 3. Additional details for the Pidyon HaBen ceremony appear in which text?
 The Torah
 The Midrash
 The Mishnah
 The Book of Samuel


Question 4. For baby boys, when does the brit milah ceremony usually take place?
 The day after the baby is born
 Eight days after the baby is born
 On the first Shabbat after the baby is born
 One month after the baby is born


Question 5. Which is NOT a traditional custom associated with brit milah?
 To light candles in the room where the brit is to take place
 To make sure a minyan is present at the brit, whenever possible
 To make a feast of fruits and beverages on the Friday night before the day that the brit takes place
 To wait until sunset to perform the brit


Question 6. The sages of which period told stories about the merits of circumcision, and argued that circumcision could affect a man’s spiritual fate after his death?
 The biblical period
 The Middle Ages
 The talmudic period
 The Renaissance


Question 7. If a newborn baby’s mother is not Jewish, a traditional mohel will likely agree to perform the circumcision if it is “l’shem gerut,” which means what?
 The baby will be raised in a Jewish home with a Jewish lifestyle
 The intention is that the baby will later be immersed in a mikveh to be converted to Judaism
 The mother agrees to convert to Judaism
 The local rabbi blesses the child first