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Newborn Ceremonies Quiz

The birth of a child is a momentous occasion for any family. How much do you know about Jewish ceremonies for new baby boys and girls?

Question 1. True or false: Many traditional Jewish families give a Hebrew or Yiddish name to a newborn daughter during a Torah-reading service at synagogue.


Question 2. Additional details for the Pidyon HaBen ceremony appear in which text?
 The Torah
 The Midrash
 The Mishnah
 The Book of Samuel


Question 3. Which is NOT a sign associated in the Torah with divine-human covenant?
 Brit Milah
 The rainbow after the flood that Noah saw from his ark
 Eve eating from the Tree of Life


Question 4. What is the tradition of welcoming baby girls into the community called in some Sephardic communities?
 Zeved Habat
 Avi Habit
 Las Fadas


Question 5. In what decade was the publication of the first full-blown ceremony of welcoming, naming, and covenant for a baby girl?


Question 6. What is name of the ceremony in which first-born Jewish males are redeemed from the service of the ancient priests?
 Pidyon HaBen
 Brit Milah
 Simhat Bat
 Bar Mitzvah


Question 7. Which Jews have the custom of naming a baby after deceased family members?
 Sephardic Jews
 Ashkenazic Jews
 Mizrahi Jews