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Lifecycle Ritual Quiz

Judaism has long focused on rituals for birth, marriage, and death, and contemporary communities have developed ways of acknowledging other major life events. How much do you know about these rituals?

Question 1. Which of these is a new ceremony that has been created in connection to Kaddish?
 A ceremony to mark the decision not to say Kaddish for an abusive parent
 A ceremony to mark the ability to say Kaddish in under one minute
 A ceremony to mark the end of the 11-month period of saying Kaddish for a parent
 A ceremony to mark the fourth month of reciting Kaddish


Question 2. Which prayer is at the end of the deathbed viddui ceremony?
 The Amidah
 Adon Olam


Question 3. Which of these events, in traditional Judaism, will prematurely end a shiva?
 Rosh Hashanah
 Yom Kippur
 All of the above.
 None of the above.


Question 4. The bar mitzvah ceremony dates back to
 The Spanish Inquisition
 The fifth century
 The 14th century
 The destruction of the First Temple


Question 5. With whom was the covenant of circumcision first made?
 King David


Question 6. True or false: Traditionally, every Jewish lifecycle ritual is infused with a seudah, or a ritual celebratory meal.


Question 7. Lifecycle events are often marked with an appropriate contribution of tzedakah, which is what?
 Planting a tree in Israel
 Participation in the Jewish community to help plan an event
 Participation in the synagogue through reading Torah


Question 8. Which of these biblical characters did NOT have a circumcision?


Question 9. Why can the development of new rituals be deeply problematic for some traditional Jews?
 Concerns are raised about the need to follow authentically in the footsteps of our sages
 There is a belief that an appropriate liturgical conservatism is necessary
 Some traditional Jews value the requirements of tradition more than the needs of the individuals
 All of the above


Question 10. What is the minimum age for a girl to have a bat mitzvah?