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Lifecycle Ritual Quiz

Judaism has long focused on rituals for birth, marriage, and death, and contemporary communities have developed ways of acknowledging other major life events. How much do you know about these rituals?

Question 1. Who writes the get in the Jewish divorce ritual?
 A rabbi
 A scribe
 A secular legal official
 The husband


Question 2. Which is NOT a theme that is central in Jewish life?
 A covenantal relationship with God
 The relationship to past and future generations and one’s community
 The importance of recognizing that Judaism focuses around reincarnation
 The power of liturgy and ritual to sanctify and effect transformation


Question 3. On what day does Jewish mystical tradition consider conception of a child to be particularly holy?
 Rosh Hashanah
 Yom Kippur
 The New Moon


Question 4. When does an aufruf ("calling up") traditionally take place?
 The morning of the couple's wedding.
 The day before the wedding.
 The Sabbath preceding the wedding.
 The final time the couple sees each other before the wedding.


Question 5. What is the name of the ceremony in which a baby boy is circumcised on his eighth day of life?
 Simchat Bat
 Brit Milah
 Bar Mitzvah


Question 6. In new lifecycle rituals, it is common to include the blessing which thanks God
 For sustaining us, and for enabling us to reach this season
 For having given of His glory to flesh and blood
 Who commanded us to study words of Torah
 Who remembers the covenant, and is faithful to God's covenant, and keeps God's promise


Question 7. The Jewish conversion process reflects which historical process?
 When Abraham circumcised himself
 When Noah accepted a covenant with God in the form of a rainbow
 When babies were accepted into the Jewish community by the Temple priests
 When the Israelites became God's people and accepted God's covenant at Sinai


Question 8. Which contemporary value has been the most powerful force for changing the traditional Jewish wedding ceremony?
 Relative morality
 Socioeconomic diversity
 Concern about global warming


Question 9. With whom was the covenant of circumcision first made?
 King David


Question 10. What is the minimum age for a girl to have a bat mitzvah?