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Divorce Quiz

What are the details of ending a Jewish marriage? What contemporary concerns figure into the discussion?

Question 1. What is a shetar piturin?
 A series of questions the rabbi must ask the husband to make sure he is legally able to divorce his wife
 A document of release granted by the rabbi, which allows divorcees to remarry
 A specified amount of money that the husband must pay the wife upon divorce
 The rabbinic court which has expertise in the laws of Jewish divorce


Question 2. What is the name of the Jewish bill of divorce?
 A get
 A ketubah
 A humash


Question 3. True or false: If the husband/wife cannot or do not want to be present at the divorce ceremony, they may appoint agent(s) to represent them before the rabbinic court.


Question 4. Which is NOT a rabbinic requirement for a divorce?
 The wife's dowry and any other property she brought into the marriage must be returned
 The husband must consent to give his wife a get
 The husband's absolute power in the divorce situation must be abolished
 The wife must consent to the divorce


Question 5. During a traditional Jewish divorce ceremony, why does the rabbi tear the four corners of the get?
 To symbolize that the marriage has been torn and cannot be reconstructed
 To ensure that the get will not be reused
 To signify that the divorce ceremony is over
 To make a sound that could frighten away demons


Question 6. What is an agunah?
 A bill of divorce.
 A woman who has been divorced.
 A woman who wants a divorce, but whose husband will not grant it.
 Someone who has been divorced and wants to marry again.


Question 7. Are prenuptial agreements permitted in Orthodox Judaism?
 Yes, but only for men.


Question 8. When might a conditional get be granted?
 Before marriage, just in case anything happens to the husband
 If the husband expects to face a situation of mortal danger
 If the husband falls ill
 By the Beit Din, in case the husband couldn't grant a get before he died


Question 9. What is the Hebrew term for the three-person rabbinic court that has expertise in the laws of Jewish divorce?
 Beit Din


Question 10. At a traditional Jewish divorce ceremony, the presiding rabbi may ask the witnesses all of these questions except
 Did you hear the husband order the scribe to write a get for his wife?
 Is this your signature?
 Do you agree that there is sufficient cause for this couple to divorce?
 Did the husband tell you to sign the get?