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Divorce Quiz

What are the details of ending a Jewish marriage? What contemporary concerns figure into the discussion?

Question 1. What is the ceremony called in which a childless widow's brother-in-law is released from his obligation to marry his late brother's wife?


Question 2. Which text requires that a get be granted with the husband's "full consent"?
 The Midrash
 The Torah
 The Talmud
 The Zohar


Question 3. True or false: Divorce is a mitzvah.


Question 4. Which of these details does NOT appear on a traditional get?
 The name of the nearest river
 The reason for the divorce
 All the names and nicknames of both parties
 The date


Question 5. Is a civil divorce accepted as fully dissolving a marriage?
 Yes, according to Reform Judaism.
 Yes, according to Reform and Reconstructionist Judaism.
 Yes, according to Reform, Reconstructionist, and Conservative Judaism.


Question 6. What is the Hebrew term for a woman that cannot remarry because she doesn't have a get?


Question 7. Are prenuptial agreements permitted in Orthodox Judaism?
 Yes, but only for men.


Question 8. True or false: The Mishnah lists a series of circumstances when a woman can ask the rabbinic court to compel her husband to perform the acts required for a divorce.


Question 9. What is the Hebrew term for the three-person rabbinic court that has expertise in the laws of Jewish divorce?
 Beit Din


Question 10. Which of these statements about mamzerim is true?
 They may only marry converts or other mamzerim
 They are the result of an adulterous or incestuous union
 Although they are limited in who they can marry, they suffer no other penalties according to Jewish law
 All of the above