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Land of Israel Quiz

The Land of Israel has been a theological anchor for Jews for millennia. How much do you know about attitudes toward Israel in the Bible, through the Middle Ages, and after the rise of Zionism?

Question 1. When did Israeli academics begin to write new historical narratives that contradict traditional Zionist views?
 Immediately after 1967, when the Palestinian problem became prominent and unavoidable
 In 1973, after Israel's demoralizing defeat in the Yom Kippur War
 In the 1980s, after analyzing recently declassified documents from the early years of the state
 In 1995, out of despair after Rabin's assassination


Question 2. In Genesis, God promises Abraham land from the river of Egypt to where?
 The Euphrates River
 The Golan Heights
 The Jordan River


Question 3. In dealing with Israel's Arab neighbors, who advocated for the establishment of an "Iron Wall"?
 Ze'ev Jabotinsky
 Martin Buber
 Abraham Isaac Kook
 David Ben Gurion


Question 4. Which of these mitzvot can be performed outside the land of Israel?
 Brit Milah


Question 5. In the Bible, Abraham purchases a cave in Machpelah. What does he use it for?
 Food storage
 Family burial ground
 Prayer space


Question 6. How many Neturei Karta members live in Israel?


Question 7. Which political party controlled the Knesset for a decade after the Six-Day War?