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Israeli Culture Quiz

Israel is regarded as one of the most culturally vibrant places in the world, with experimental theater, visual art, an unparalleled writing scene, and more. How much do you know about Israeli culture?

Question 1. What is the name of the play written by A.B. Yehoshua in 1969?
 The Patriot
 A Night in May
 Around and Around
 Waiting for Godot


Question 2. Which artist came to Jerusalem in order to establish the Bezalel School?
 Marc Chagall
 Boris Schatz
 Reuven Rubin
 Nahum Gutman


Question 3. When did Naomi Shemer compose the song "Yerushalayim Shel Zahav"?
 After Israel became independent
 During the British Mandate period
 Just before the Six-Day War
 After the first Intifada


Question 4. Who wrote The Work of Revival in the Lands of the Diaspora?
 Theodor Herzl
 A.D. Gordon
 Mordecai Kaplan
 Martin Buber


Question 5. Yaacov Agam is best known for what?
 Optic art
 Dot paintings


Question 6. Which Jewish artist designed the stained-glass windows for the Hadassah Hebrew University Medical Center?
 Chaim Segal
 Marc Chagall
 Chaim Soutine
 Arthur Szyk


Question 7. What are the names of the hip-hop artist Subliminal's first two albums?
 "The Light and the Shadow" and "The Light From Zion"
 "The Sun and the Moon" and "The Star of David"
 "Day and Night" and "Follow the Light"
 "The Numbers Song" and "Kobi Shimoni"