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Israeli Culture Quiz

Israel is regarded as one of the most culturally vibrant places in the world, with experimental theater, visual art, an unparalleled writing scene, and more. How much do you know about Israeli culture?

Question 1. What kind of song is "Erev Shel Shoshanim" (Evening of Lilies)?
 A reggae song
 A love song
 A hip-hop song
 A piyyut (liturgical poem)


Question 2. Which artist came to Jerusalem in order to establish the Bezalel School?
 Marc Chagall
 Boris Schatz
 Reuven Rubin
 Nahum Gutman


Question 3. Which is NOT a popular Middle Eastern food?
 Baba Ghanouj


Question 4. How many letters are in the Hebrew alphabet?


Question 5. What year was Israel absent from the Olympic Summer Games in support of the U.S. boycott of the Soviet Union?


Question 6. Which writer published his first volume of poetry in 1901 and came to be recognized as the preeminent voice in Hebrew poetry?
 Yehudah Amichai
 Chaim Nachman Bialik
 Aharon Appelfeld
 A. B. Yehoshua


Question 7. What is the main ingredient in hummus?