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Yom Kippur Quiz

A day of fasting, prayer, and introspection, Yom Kippur is often considered the holiest day of the Jewish year. How much do you know about Yom Kippur?

Question 1. During the Temple period, on Yom Kippur two goats were selected on Yom Kippur. One was sacrificed for Israel's sins. The other was sent to
 Eleazar ben Azariah
 The Valley of Dry Bones


Question 2. True or False: Judaism teaches that human beings are basically sinful.


Question 3. Immediately after Yom Kippur it is traditional to
 Drink apple juice to symbolize a sweet year to come
 Eat a bagel to symbolize the circle of life
 Begin building a sukkah
 Gossip about the outfits other people were wearing in synagogue


Question 4. On the afternoon of Yom Kippur, Jews traditionally read
 the Book of Jonah
 the Book of Samuel
 the Book of Life
 the Book of Ezra


Question 5. Which service is NOT specifically added for Yom Kippur?


Question 6. The Viddui is the
 Repeated communal confession of sins
 A symbolic reenactment of the ancient priestly ritual for Yom Kippur
 Memorial service
 Closing service of Yom Kippur


Question 7. When reciting the lists of sin, called the Viddui, it is customary for people to
 Remain seated
 To stand and stomp after each sin is read
 Bow after each sin is read
 To stand and beat their chests after each sin is read


Question 8. The traditional Torah reading on Yom Kippur morning discusses
 How the prophet Isaiah criticizes the religious rituals of the ancient Israelites
 The binding of Isaac
 How a scapegoat would symbolically carry the people's sins into the desert
 A list of transgressions


Question 9. During the time between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur it is customary to do an accounting of one's life. The Hebrew phrase for this is
 Heshbon Hanefesh
 Neshamah Yeterah


Question 10. The Avodah service describes
 Business ethics in the Torah
 The importance of volunteerism
 The story of Jonah and the whale
 The sacrifice ritual in the Temple on the Day of Atonement
 Sins which the entire community committed