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Yom Kippur Quiz

A day of fasting, prayer, and introspection, Yom Kippur is often considered the holiest day of the Jewish year. How much do you know about Yom Kippur?

Question 1. Immediately after Yom Kippur it is traditional to
 Drink apple juice to symbolize a sweet year to come
 Eat a bagel to symbolize the circle of life
 Begin building a sukkah
 Gossip about the outfits other people were wearing in synagogue


Question 2. Before Yom Kippur begins every Jew is urged to repent by
 Apologizing to himself for his wrongful ways
 Apologizing to any others he may have harmed during the year
 Making a list of his sins and burning it
 Telling a trusted friend all of his wrongdoings over the past year


Question 3. The beginning of the Kol Nidre service declares that the personal and religious vows made between the individual and God for the coming year are
 Declared null and void if unfulfilled
 To be followed through to the fullest extent
 To be made honestly and fairly
 The most important promises a person could possibly make


Question 4. People who fast according to Jewish law abstain from
 All food and drinks
 All food and drinks except water
 All food, but not drinks
 All solid food
 All food that is not harvest directly from the ground


Question 5. Leviticus 23:27 tells us that, "You should do no work throughout that day." It is referring to which day:
 The 1st of Tishrei
 The 10th day of Tishrei
 The 11th of Adar
 The 13th of Tamuz


Question 6. Yom Kippur falls on what Hebrew date
 The 1st of Tishrei
 Every Shabbat
 The 10th of Tishrei
 The 1st of Nisan
 The 15th of Kislev


Question 7. According to Jewish law, who may choose not to fast on Yom Kippur?
 An ill person
 A nursing mother
 A child between the ages of 9-12
 All of the above


Question 8. True or False: Judaism teaches that human beings are basically sinful.


Question 9. When reciting the lists of sin, called the Viddui, it is customary for people to
 Remain seated
 To stand and stomp after each sin is read
 Bow after each sin is read
 To stand and beat their chests after each sin is read


Question 10. The Viddui is the
 Repeated communal confession of sins
 A symbolic reenactment of the ancient priestly ritual for Yom Kippur
 Memorial service
 Closing service of Yom Kippur