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Yom Kippur Quiz

A day of fasting, prayer, and introspection, Yom Kippur is often considered the holiest day of the Jewish year. How much do you know about Yom Kippur?

Question 1. On the afternoon of Yom Kippur, Jews traditionally read
 the Book of Jonah
 the Book of Samuel
 the Book of Life
 the Book of Ezra


Question 2. A famous story in the Talmud records a conversation between Rabbi Joshua and Rabbi Yohanan. When Rabbi Joshua decries the lack of the Yom Kippur sacrifice in the post-Temple word, Rabbi Yohana replies that we still have another effective method of atonement. What does he say that method is?
 Giving charity to the needy
 Wearing white
 Acts of loving-kindness


Question 3. Yom Kippur falls on what Hebrew date
 The 1st of Tishrei
 Every Shabbat
 The 10th of Tishrei
 The 1st of Nisan
 The 15th of Kislev


Question 4. Leviticus 23:27 tells us that, "You should do no work throughout that day." It is referring to which day:
 The 1st of Tishrei
 The 10th day of Tishrei
 The 11th of Adar
 The 13th of Tamuz


Question 5. Which service is NOT specifically added for Yom Kippur?


Question 6. The Avodah service describes
 Business ethics in the Torah
 The importance of volunteerism
 The story of Jonah and the whale
 The sacrifice ritual in the Temple on the Day of Atonement
 Sins which the entire community committed


Question 7. The Viddui is the
 Repeated communal confession of sins
 A symbolic reenactment of the ancient priestly ritual for Yom Kippur
 Memorial service
 Closing service of Yom Kippur


Question 8. What custom, often held on Erev Yom Kippur, is meant to atone for one's personal sins?


Question 9. The Kol Nidre service was developed to
 Ease people's guilt over not carrying out all the vows and promises they made
 Enable forced converts to return and pray with the Jewish community
 Center the observance of the holiday within the Jewish community
 Emphasize sin and repentance as a theme of the day


Question 10. Immediately after Yom Kippur it is traditional to
 Drink apple juice to symbolize a sweet year to come
 Eat a bagel to symbolize the circle of life
 Begin building a sukkah
 Gossip about the outfits other people were wearing in synagogue