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Tu Bishvat Quiz

Tu Bishvat, traditionally known as the birthday of the trees, is a time to think about relating to the natural world. How much do you know about Tu Bishvat?

Question 1. When the Temple stood, Tu Bishvat served as the day on which farmers did what?
 Cut down their trees after they reached the age of maturity
 Offered fruit to the priests as a gift of gratitude for the bounty of the land
 Planted new trees
 Rotated their fields


Question 2. Which of the following blessings might be recited at a seder for Tu Bishvat?
 Borei p'ri ha-etz
 Borei p'ri ha-adamah
 Netilat yadayim
 All of these
 None of these


Question 3. Which is not a “new year” established by the rabbis of the Talmud?
 A new year for the calendar years
 A new year for creating prayers
 A new year for the trees
 A new year for tithing animals to be given to the Temple


Question 4. True or False: When describing trees that can be cut down after capturing a land, the Torah does not distinguish beween fruit-bearing and non-fruit-bearing trees.


Question 5. How many cups of wine are part of the Tu Bishvat Seder?


Question 6. On Tu Bishvat it is customary to eat
 Only foods made out of the seven species
 Foods made with any fruits
 Foods imported from Israel


Question 7. When Theodor Herzl visited Israel in 1898, he planted what kind of tree near Motza


Question 8. The mitzvah of yishuv ha'aretz means to
 Farm the land
 Settle the land
 Celebrate Israel
 Eat fruit


Question 9. What group of people rediscovered and popularized Tu Bishvat in the 16th century?
 Rabbis studying in Germany
 Sephardic Jews


Question 10. Which of the following plants is often planted on Tu Bishvat so that it can be used on Passover?