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Tu Bishvat Quiz

Tu Bishvat, traditionally known as the birthday of the trees, is a time to think about relating to the natural world. How much do you know about Tu Bishvat?

Question 1. What was the name of the kabbalistic haggadah for Tu Bishvat produced in 1753?
 The Feast of Fruits
 The Birthday of Trees
 Fruit of the Goodly Tree
 The Story of the Creation


Question 2. Tu Bishvat falls in the middle of which Hebrew month?


Question 3. True or False: At a Tu Bishvat seder it is customary to mix different kinds of wine.


Question 4. In modern times, which group of people used Tu Bishvat o further education about responsible stewardship of God's earth?


Question 5. What were the main elements of the ritual that the Jewish mystics of Safed developed for Tu Bishvat, modeled after the Passover seder?
 Four cups of wine were drunk and seven fruits symbolic of those of the Holy Land were eaten
 Two cups of wine were drunk and seven fruits symbolic of those of the Holy Land were eaten
 The door was opened for Elijah
 Four questions were asked relating to trees


Question 6. According to Rabbi Yohanan ben Zakkai, if one is holding a tree sappling when the Messiah arrives
 Greet the Messiah before anything else
 Eat the tree sappling
 First plant the sappling, then go greet the Messiah
 Cut down all the trees you see


Question 7. What type of tree is typically planted in honor of a baby boy?


Question 8. According to Vayikra Rabbah the first thing the Israelites should do when they enter the land of Israel is
 Pick the fruit from the trees
 Plant more trees
 Chop down the existing trees and plant new ones in their place
 Count the trees


Question 9. True or false: "Tu" is a pronunciation of the Hebrew letters that represent the number 15.


Question 10. Which of these is a goal of the Jewish National Fund?
 Reforesting Israel
 Reforesting America
 Harvesting fruit from fruit trees
 Donating produce from fruit trees to the poor and homeless