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Sukkot Quiz

Sukkot is when the sukkah, the non-permanent outdoor hut, is built. Sukkot was also once a holiday of agricultural thanksgiving, and this is celebrated with the holiday's other ritual items: the lulav and etrog. How much do you know about Sukkot?

Question 1. At which point in the service are the lulav and etrog waved?
 During the Amidah.
 During Hallel.
 At the conclusion of the service.
 When the Ark is opened.
 None of the above.


Question 2. What are the days of hol hamo’ed?
 The first and last day of the festival
 The few days after Sukkot when the sukkah must be taken down
 The intermediate days of the festival
 Like a mini-Yom Kippur, a time to repent for our sins


Question 3. Many of the prayers recited on Sukkot revolve around asking God for which of these?
 The Messiah


Question 4. A sukkah may be built underneath
 The branches of a tree
 A roof
 A balcony overhang


Question 5. True or false: It is a requirement to decorate the sukkah immediately after it is built.


Question 6. Which is the customary order for waving the lulav and etrog?
 Down, up, south, north, west, east
 East, south, west, north, up, down
 East, west, north, south, down, up
 West, north, south, east, up, down


Question 7. What is the Hebrew term for "please save us" that is recited while walking around the synagogue with the lulav and etrog?