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Rosh Hashanah Quiz

Rosh Hashanah is a time when Jews reflect on their actions and try to make amends with each other and God, and it is also the Jewish New Year. How much do you know about Rosh Hashanah?

Question 1. When Reform congregations read Torah on the second day of Rosh Hashanah, they often read
 The story of the 10 plagues
 The story of creation
 The story of Esther
 The story of 12 spies


Question 2. Which is NOT another name for Rosh Hashanah?
 Yom Hadin (day of judgment)
 Festival of First Fruits
 Yom Teruah (the day of sounding of the Shofar)
 Jewish New Year


Question 3. True or false: According to Jewish tradition, all creatures, human and animal, are judged on Rosh Hashanah.


Question 4. The blast of the shofar called the tekiah consists of:
 A single, long blast
 Three shorter blasts
 Nine staccato blasts
 An extra long, single blast


Question 5. What type of ritual have some Sephardic communities developed for Rosh Hashanah?
 Dipping pomegranates in honey
 Finding new, exotic fruits that family members may not have tried before
 A seder, which revolves around the eating of symbolic foods and the recitation of prayers
 Eating leeks and onions, which are associated with the Exodus from Egypt


Question 6. How many extra blessings are added to the Musaf Amidah on Rosh Hashanah?


Question 7. According to the Talmud, on which day of Creation does Rosh Hashanah occur?
 The first day.
 The sixth day.
 The seventh day.
 We do not know.