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Purim Food Quiz

Food is a very important part of celebrating Purim. Test your knowledge of Purim foods and food customs with our quiz.

Question 1. On Purim it is customary to drink
 Orange juice
 Grape juice


Question 2. Chickpeas are a Purim food becuase
 Esther seduced Ahasuerus with her hummus
 Esther ate peas and beans in the harem
 Mordecai was a chickpea merchant
 The Jews of Shushan celebrated Haman's death with fried chickpeas


Question 3. Which of the following is a traditional Purim food?


Question 4. According to tradition, when Esther was living in the king's palace she only ate
 Vegetarian food


Question 5. Which of the following is NOT a traditional Purim food?
 Meat Kreplach
 Apple Cake
 Fassouyeh bChuderah
 Savory hamantaschen