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Purim Quiz

Purim is the most carnivalesque Jewish holiday. It is a day when norms are subverted and reversed to commemorate the reversal of fortune recorded in the Book of Esther. How much do you know about Purim?

Question 1. The Shabbat before Purim is called
 Shabbat Zakhor
 Shabbat Shekalim
 Shabbat HaGadol
 Shabbat Amalek


Question 2. The scroll of Esther is read with
 The same cantillation also used for the Torah
 The same cantillation also used for the haftarah
 A special cantillation specifically for Esther
 The same cantillation also used for the Song of Songs and Ruth


Question 3. Shushan Purim is
 Another name for the regular Purim holiday
 A line dance done after the Megillah reading
 An extra day of Purim observed by cities that have been walled since the days of Joshua
 The city where the first Megillah was written


Question 4. In the Purim story, the king's first wife is named


Question 5. What is the name of the noisemakers used during the megillah reading?


Question 6. Who is not mentioned in the Book of Esther


Question 7. When Mordechai told Esther of Haman's plans, she asked Mordechai to declare a fast that was how long
 12 hours
 One day
 Two days
 Three days