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Purim Quiz

Purim is the most carnivalesque Jewish holiday. It is a day when norms are subverted and reversed to commemorate the reversal of fortune recorded in the Book of Esther. How much do you know about Purim?

Question 1. What is the name of the noisemakers used during the megillah reading?


Question 2. At the end of the Purim story, we hear that the Jews killed how many of their enemies?


Question 3. The Megillah scroll should be
 Read while reclining in a seated position, to show that Jews were victorious and can now recline in freedom
 Unrolled and folded up so it looks like a letter of dispatch
 Attached on both ends to oak poles, similar to a Torah scroll
 Read in the original Aramaic


Question 4. Who is not mentioned in the Book of Esther


Question 5. Scholars believe the actual text of the Book of Esther was written
 By an eyewitness to the events
 During the First Temple period
 During the Second Temple period
 In the 2nd century


Question 6. True or False: Traditionally, Purim was a holiday where celebrants drank until they were unable to tell the difference between Mordecai and Haman.


Question 7. According to tradition Esther and Mordecai are buried in:
 Baghdad, Iraq
 Hamadan, Iran
 Tehran, Iran
 Sulaimaniya, Iraq