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Passover Foods Quiz

Can you tell the difference between matzah and maror?

Question 1. Some people replace the shank bone on their seder plate with a
 Meyer lemon
 Wheatgrass juice
 Roasted beet
 Whole radish


Question 2. How long does one have to make a piece of matzah, from start to finish?
 10 minutes
 12 minutes
 18 minutes
 30 minutes


Question 3. At the seder one drinks:
 3 cups of wine and one glass of seltzer
 Until you cannot tell the difference between Moses and Pharaoh
 4 shots of whiskey
 4 cups of wine or grape juice


Question 4. Which of the following foods is not on the seder plate?
 Parsley/other greens


Question 5. Which of the following foods would be considered hametz on Pesach?
 Challah French toast
 Matzah Ball Soup
 Sweet Potato Kugel
 Roasted Chicken