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Passover Quiz

Passover celebrates the biblical exodus from Egypt, but its focus on freedom in general has earned it a special place on the Jewish calendar. More Jews participate in a seder than any other Jewish ritual.How much do you know about Passover history and rituals?

Question 1. The book used to tell the story of Passover is called


Question 2. On the first day of Passover we say a special prayer asking for
 Sustenance in the year to come
 Abundant bread in the year to come
 The messiah to come and end Passover
 Dew to fall in Israel over the dry summer months


Question 3. What is Maot Hittin?
 Assisting the poor during Purim
 Money give to the poor to purchase wheat for making matzah
 A special kind of haroset made from pears
 An organization that collects clothes for the homeless


Question 4. A cup of wine is included for what prophet


Question 5. The earliest version of the Four Questions was preserved by
 Christian Monks
 The Tannaim
 The Jerusalem Talmud
 Pirkei Avot


Question 6. In biblical times, the main ritual for celebrating Passover focused on
 Eating matzah and bitter herbs
 The paschal offering
 The reading of the Haggadah
 Chanting Hallel
 Finding the afikomen


Question 7. The counting of the Omer forms a connection between Passover and what holiday
 Tisha B'av


Question 8. The word seder means
 Really long meal


Question 9. The middle days of Passover are called
 Aseret yemei teshuva
 Hanukat Habayit
 Hol Hamoed
 Yom Haatzmaut


Question 10. On the intermediate Shabbat of Pesach, it is customary to read which of the five megillot?
 Song of Songs