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Passover Quiz

Passover celebrates the biblical exodus from Egypt, but its focus on freedom in general has earned it a special place on the Jewish calendar. More Jews participate in a seder than any other Jewish ritual.How much do you know about Passover history and rituals?

Question 1. Which step of the seder includes the retelling of the story of the Exodus?


Question 2. A cup of wine is included for what prophet


Question 3. Which is a Passover-related fast?
 Ta'anit Bekhorim
 Ta'anit Esther
 Tisha B'Av
 Yom Kippur


Question 4. Passover celebrates
 God leading the Israelites out from slavery in Egypt to freedom
 God giving the Israelites the Torah in the desert
 The finishing of the Torah and starting it over
 The building of the Temple


Question 5. Leaven is also known as


Question 6. What is Maot Hittin?
 Assisting the poor during Purim
 Money give to the poor to purchase wheat for making matzah
 A special kind of haroset made from pears
 An organization that collects clothes for the homeless


Question 7. Which of the following generally are not considered kitniyot


Question 8. Which commandment must all people observe on Passover?
 Eating matzah at the seder
 Visiting the sick
 Sitting in the sukkah
 Wearing tzitzit
 Wearing tefillin


Question 9. How many sons are there in the Haggadah


Question 10. The song Had Gadya is about
 One stick
 The Ten Commandments
 One Goat
 Two Tablets