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Modern Holidays Quiz

Contemporary Jews observe holidays that commemorate events in recent Jewish history such as the Holocaust and the creation of the State of Israel. How much do you know about modern Jewish holidays?

Question 1. In modern times, Tu Bíav slightly resembles what holiday in English-speaking countries?
 Valentineís Day
 Veteranís Day


Question 2. What types of public venues in Israel are closed on Yom Hashoah?
 Restaurants that serve meat
 All stores and outlets
 Non-kosher restaurants
 Theatres, pubs, and cinemas


Question 3. What poem, by Nathan Alterman, has been a common reading for Yom Hazikaron ceremonies?
 Magash Hakesef
 Kaddish DíRabanan


Question 4. When did Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Day) first come into existence?
 After Israel won the War of Independence
 When the British Mandate in Palestine ended
 After the Six-Day War
 After the First Intifada


Question 5. Which poem commemorating Israel's dead has been traditionally read on Yom Hazikaron?
 "The Silver Platter."
 "Jerusalem of Gold."
 "For Yitzchak."
 "Shalom (Salaam)."


Question 6. The first siddur to include a prayer for the government is from
 The 5th century
 The 14th century
 The 18th century
 The Holocaust-era


Question 7. What is the origin of Tu B'Av?
 It was started on early Israeli kibbutzim as a Jewish Valentine's Day.
 It was a matchmaking day for unmarried women in the second Temple period.
 The date was adopted by the First Zionist Congress.
 It was originally produced by JDate.
 None of the above.