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Minor Fasts Quiz

The four minor fasts on the Jewish calendar commemorate tragedies in Jewish history such as the murder of Gedaliah, the Jewish governor of Judah, and the breach of the walls around Jerusalem in 70 CE. How much do you know about these days?

Question 1. Which prophet was Gedaliah assigned to care for?


Question 2. Some people fast on the 7th day of Adar, which is believed to be...
 The day Moses received the Ten Commandments
 The day the Red Sea split into two
 The day Moses died
 The day Pharaoh died
 The day the world was created


Question 3. How can a firstborn son get out of his obligation to fast on Erev Pesach?
 Attend a "siyyum," or conclusion, of a book of Talmud being read
 Sleep in
 Eat matzah for an extra day
 None of these


Question 4. Most minor fasts are connected with
 The destruction of the Temple
 The Holocaust
 The Crusades


Question 5. Ta'anit Bekhorim takes place on
 The 10th of Tevet
 The 17th of Tammuz
 The 15th of Nissan
 The 1st of Nissan
 The 14th of Nissan


Question 6. Which king laid siege on Jerusalem, marked by the 10th of Tevet


Question 7. True or False: Is the Fast of Esther always observed on the day before Purim?