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Jewish World Today Quiz

Jewish life today is buzzing with tradition and change. How much do you know about current Jewish communal phenomena and trends?

Question 1. Which Jewish movement currently approves of patrilineal descent?
 Some of these
 All of these


Question 2. Which country has the fastest growing Jewish community in the world?


Question 3. In 2004, Mel Gibson was accused of anti-Semitism after he produced what film?
 Die Hard
 Passion of the Christ
 What Women Want


Question 4. Which of these is NOT a demographic challenge facing the North American Jewish community?
 Aging of the Jewish population
 Increased rates of intermarriage
 Declining rates of conversion
 A large percentage of children of mixed marriages identifying themselves as Jewish


Question 5. How many Jews are there in the world today?
 Between 6 and 7 million
 Between 13 and 14 million
 Between 22 and 23 million
 There is no accurate data about this


Question 6. What is the largest Jewish denomination in the United States?


Question 7. What is J Street?
 A pro-Israel, pro-peace lobby group in Washington
 A street in Brooklyn that houses many kosher restaurants and Jewish schools
 A left-wing political party in Israel
 A Jewish dating website