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The Holocaust Quiz

The mass attempted genocide of Jews, Gypsies, and others by the Nazis.

Question 1. With which concentration camp was Oskar Schindler associated?


Question 2. Who wrote the novel Night?
 Leon Uris
 Elie Wiesel
 Allegra Goodman
 Michael Chabon
 Primo Levi


Question 3. How many Jews were killed in the Holocaust?
 1 million
 6 million
 11 million
 12 million


Question 4. After the Holocaust, where were many survivors sent?
 To Palestine
 To India
 Back to their old homes
 To displaced persons camps
 None of the above


Question 5. Who was put on trial in the Nuremberg trials?
 Alfred Dreyfus
 High-ranking Jewish officials
 High-ranking Nazi officials
 Adolf Eichmann
 None of the above


Question 6. How many people lived in the Lodz ghetto?
 Under 10,000
 Over 200,000
 Over 1 million
 Over 5 million


Question 7. Which of these countries was an ally of Germany?
 Soviet Union
 None of the above