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The Holocaust Quiz

The mass attempted genocide of Jews, Gypsies, and others by the Nazis.

Question 1. What was the Judenrat?
 A term meaning "Jew-free"
 A derogatory term, referring to Jews as vermin
 A Jewish puppet government that ruled over each ghetto
 A council of prominent underground Jews dedicated to fighting the Nazis


Question 2. Who wrote the novel Night?
 Leon Uris
 Elie Wiesel
 Allegra Goodman
 Michael Chabon
 Primo Levi


Question 3. Where was the term "the Final Solution" coined?
 With Holocaust historians after the War
 By Heinrich Himmler
 In the letters of Jews to relatives abroad
 By Hitler himself


Question 4. What year was Poland invaded by Germany?
 None of the above


Question 5. What is the name of the Holocaust memorial museum in Israel?
 The Holocaust Memorial Museum
 Yad Vashem
 Museum Ha'Shoah
 The Institute for Pogrom Research


Question 6. What year was the Warsaw Ghetto finally liquidated by the Nazis?
 None of the above


Question 7. What was Kristallnacht?
 A series of attacks on Jews throughout Germany and Austria over one night.
 An elite German unit for hunting down Jews.
 The nickname for one of Hitler's top aides.
 None of the above