My Jewish Learning

Modern History Quiz

Questions of national identity and Jewish identity were central to the experience of modernity for Jews everywhere. How much do you know about Jewish history since 1650?

Question 1. After the fall of communism, what city became home to the largest Russian-Jewish population?
 St. Petersburg
 Tel Aviv
 New York


Question 2. What was the Haskalah?
 The first Jewish high school for girls
 A Zionist movement in Russia in the interwar period
 The European-based movement for Jewish enlightenment
 The idea that a Jew could be a Jew on the inside, and a secular citizen on the outside


Question 3. One of the only famous female tzaddiks was named
 The Dame of Dusseldorf
 The Maid of Ludomir
 The Lady of Warsaw
 The Mistress of Lvov


Question 4. Jacob Frank was
 An activist for civil rights for Jews in the 19th century
 A French writer known for his Yiddish inflected poetry
 The progenitor of the Reform movement
 A false prophet who was a disciple of Shabbetai Tzvi


Question 5. According to the 1990 National Jewish Population Survey (NJPS), what was the Jewish intermarriage rate in the United States?


Question 6. Meir Kahane was the founder of what organization?
 Jewish Defense League
 B'nai Brith
 Jews Against the Occupation
 National Jewish Republican Coalition


Question 7. There are no Jews living in Iran today.


Question 8. Who was the American President at the time of the Israel-Egypt peace treaty?
 Gerald Ford
 Jimmy Carter
 Ronald Reagan
 George H.W. Bush


Question 9. Who is credited with delivering the first Yiddish socialist speech in America?
 Karl Marx
 Leon Trotsky
 Emma Goldman
 Abraham Cahan


Question 10. The "Night of Broken Glass" is known more famously by what name?