My Jewish Learning

Which of these historical events came first?

Can you identify the correct order of these notable events in Jewish history?

Question 1. Who was born first?
 Glueckel of Hameln
 First Lubavitcher Rebbe


Question 2. Which of these happened earliest?
 The events marked every year by Purim
 The miracle of Hanukkah
 The events in the Book of Daniel


Question 3. Which of these people was born first?
 Theodore Herzl
 Dr. Ruth Westheimer
 Hayim Nachman Bialik
 Nechama Leibowitz


Question 4. Which happened first?
 Destruction of the 2nd temple
 Canonization of the Hebrew Bible completed
 Jewish revolt against Rome


Question 5. Which came first?
 First blood libel
 First crusade
 Life of Maimonides


Question 6. Which came first?
 The first bat mitzvah
 First Zionist congress
 First female rabbi ordained