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Jewish Theatre & Dance Quiz

From Yiddish theatre to Israeli folkdance, performing arts are a key part of Jewish self expression. How much do you know about Jewish theatre and dance?

Question 1. Who is credited with bringing Yiddish theatre from Europe to America?
 Sholom Asch
 Avram Goldfadn
 Borris Thomashevsky
 Jacob Gordin


Question 2. What happened in 1933, after Hitler came to power, and Jewish actors were ousted in Germany?
 Nearly all German Jewish actors moved to America or Israel
 Jewish actors who were able to hide their Jewishness continued to star on German stages
 German Jewish actors saturated the theatre scene in Vienna, Austria
 Jewish actors and the public formed the Juedischer Kulturbund ("Jewish Cultural League")


Question 3. Which of these was NOT an Israeli playwright?
 Joshua Sobel
 Paddy Chayevsky
 Hillel Mittelpunkt
 Hanoch Levin


Question 4. In the mid-20th century, who was responsible for disseminating Israeli folkdances across the United States?
 Fred Berk
 Anna Sokolow
 Martha Graham
 Selma Jeanne Cohen


Question 5. What was the earliest Broadway play featuring Jewish characters?
 The Diary of Anne Frank
 Street Scene
 Abie's Irish Rose
 Death of a Salesman


Question 6. Who wrote The Jew of Malta?
 William Shakespeare
 Christopher Marlowe
 Ben Jonson
 Gotthold Ephraim Lessing


Question 7. Which of the following religions is not represented in the play Nathan der Weise?


Question 8. What is the name of the play often performed at a Purim celebration
 Passion Play


Question 9. Which of these plays by Arthur Miller does not explicitly address Jewish themes, but has still been called a "Jewish" work?
 The American Clock
 Playing for Time
 Broken Glass
 Death of a Salesman


Question 10. True or False: Yiddish theatre has a long history in St. Petersburg , Russia