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Jewish Theatre & Dance Quiz

From Yiddish theatre to Israeli folkdance, performing arts are a key part of Jewish self expression. How much do you know about Jewish theatre and dance?

Question 1. Who wrote The Jew of Malta?
 William Shakespeare
 Christopher Marlowe
 Ben Jonson
 Gotthold Ephraim Lessing


Question 2. Which of the following religions is not represented in the play Nathan der Weise?


Question 3. How did playwright Tony Kushner begin his "Angels in America"?
 With a long midrash from a rabbi
 With a reference to Adam and Eve
 With Hava Nagila
 With a clip of a speech by Golda Meir


Question 4. What is the name of the play often performed at a Purim celebration
 Passion Play


Question 5. The Murder of Isaac, a play by the Israeli playwright Motti Lerner, is about what?
 The assassination of Yitzhak Rabin
 The biblical story of the binding of Isaac
 The murder of a religious Jew at the hands of a secular Israeli gang
 A kibbutznik who moves to Tel Aviv


Question 6. True or False: Yiddish theatre has a long history in St. Petersburg , Russia


Question 7. True or false: Hasidic circle dancing can last for hours.


Question 8. Who authored "The Comedy of Betrothal"--the oldest existing Hebrew play?
 Yehuda Sommo, in 16th century Italy
 Avram Goldfadn, though he later became more famous for his works in Yiddish
 Solomon Ibn Gabirol, in 11th century Spain
 Max Nordau, Theodor Herzl's right-hand man


Question 9. What was the main message of Gotthold Ephraim Lessing's 1779 play, Nathan the Wise?
 Religion is the opium of the masses
 Virtue is not bound to religion and all religions are equally important
 Judaism is the most true religion, but other religions should be tolerated
 It is best to have no religion, but if one must be religious one should choose either Judaism or Christianity


Question 10. Which Shakespearean play has received the most criticism for being anti-Semitic?
 Merchant of Venice
 Troilus and Cressida