My Jewish Learning

Jewish Athletes Quiz

Can you name these famous Jewish athletes?

Question 1. Which of the following gymnasts is Jewish?
 Shawn Johnson
 McKayla Maroney
 Aly Raisman
 Shannon Miller


Question 2. Who was the first Israeli to ever win a gold medal?
 Gal Friedman
 Andy Ram
 Gidi Kliger
 Gad Tsopari


Question 3. Which of the following figure skaters is Jewish?
 Rosalynn Sumners
 Kimmie Meissner
 Carolina Kostner
 Sarah Hughes


Question 4. Which famous baseball player refused to play on Yom Kippur?
 Joe Greenberg
 Shawn Lieberthal
 Mike Green
 Sandy Koufax


Question 5. Which of the following baseball players is Jewish?
 Doug Davis
 Ike Davis
 David Ross
 Jason Lane