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Jewish Sports Quiz

While sports have never been a major focus of Jewish life, Jews have risen to fame in professional baseball, basketball, and boxing. Sports have also reflected greater social and political conflicts in Jewish life. How much do you know about Jews and sports?

Question 1. Who was NOT a famous Jewish boxer?
 Benny Leonard
 Barney Ross
 Maxie Rosenbloom
 Harry Brill


Question 2. At which sporting event location was the first kosher food stand opened in 2003?
 USTA National Tennis Center
 Giants Stadium
 Yankee Stadium
 Fenway Park


Question 3. Historically, where have Jewish women played mah-jongg?
 The tenements of New York City
 Resort areas in the Catskills
 American suburbia
 All of these


Question 4. The terrorist act at teh Munich Olympics was carried out by a group called
 Black September
 White August
 Yellow May
 Green June


Question 5. Super Sunday, a day of telephone fundraising for Jewish Federations across the country, traditionally coincides with which major sporting event?
 The first Yankees-Redsox baseball game of the season
 The Superbowl
 The final game of the World Series
 The final game in the NHL (National Hockey League)


Question 6. When was the Young Men's Hebrew Association, an organization that used sports and recreational activities to improve the moral, social, and educational life of young German Jews, founded?


Question 7. The name of which historical book is now associated with Jewish atheletes?
 Book of Maccabees
 Wisdom of Solomon
 Letter of Jeremiah
 Book of Judith


Question 8. True or False: Dr. James Naismith invented basketball at the Young Men's Hebrew Association


Question 9. True or false: Gambling is, for the most part, permitted in Judaism.


Question 10. At the “Nazi Olympics” in 1936, how many Jewish athletes competed for Germany?