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Jewish Sports Quiz

While sports have never been a major focus of Jewish life, Jews have risen to fame in professional baseball, basketball, and boxing. Sports have also reflected greater social and political conflicts in Jewish life. How much do you know about Jews and sports?

Question 1. True or False: The Talmud addresses issues of betting on pigeon races.


Question 2. Historically, where have Jewish women played mah-jongg?
 The tenements of New York City
 Resort areas in the Catskills
 American suburbia
 All of these


Question 3. Which talmudic sage was famous for both his Torah scholarship and his strength as a gladiator?
 Rabbi Akiva
 Bar Kokhba
 Resh Lakish


Question 4. Who was not a Jewish baseball player?
 Shawn Green
 Hank Greenberg
 Maxie Rosenbloom
 Sandy Koufax


Question 5. Mah-jongg orginiated in what country?
 South Korea


Question 6. The terrorist act at teh Munich Olympics was carried out by a group called
 Black September
 White August
 Yellow May
 Green June


Question 7. True or false: In Greek and Roman times, sports were associated with idol worship, and were performed in the nude.


Question 8. Who was the first Israeli to play in the NBA?
 Michael Jordan
 Omri Caspi
 Amare Stoudemire
 Jon Scheyer


Question 9. True or false: In 2004, the Ittihad Abna Sakhnin soccer club became the first Arab team to win the Israeli National Cup.


Question 10. At the “Nazi Olympics” in 1936, how many Jewish athletes competed for Germany?