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Jewish Literature Quiz

From legends in the Bible and Talmud, to the American masters Bellow and Roth, storytelling has been an integral part of Jewish life. How much do you know about Jewish literature?

Question 1. Which writer survived the Holocaust, only to commit suicide years later?
 Franz Kafka
 Max Brod
 I.L. Peretz
 Paul Celan
 None of the above.


Question 2. Which of these Hebrew writers came first?
 Rahel the poetess
 Mendele Mokher Seforim
 A.B. Yehoshua
 Yehuda Amichai


Question 3. Who is the celebrated classical Yiddish writer known for short stories that inspired Fiddler on the Roof?
 Rivkah Tiktiner
 Mendele Mokher Seforim
 Sara Copio Sullam
 Primo Levi
 Sholem Aleichem


Question 4. Up until the 1800s, which of these languages was not a widespread language used for writing Jewish fiction?


Question 5. What is an example of pre-modern secular Hebrew literature?
 Some poems by Samuel HaNagid and Judah HaLevi
 Hebrew novels written during and about the crusades
 Hebrew sonnets produced in England at the time of Shakespeare
 All of these


Question 6. Who was S.Y. Agnon?
 An Israeli who won the Nobel Prize for literature
 An author who conflated his own biography with his fictional writing
 An influence on A. B. Yehoshua, Aharon Appelfeld, and Yehuda Amichai
 All of these


Question 7. In Everything is Illuminated, Jonathan Safran Foer is on a quest to the Ukraine to find a woman named Augustine, who saved his grandfather from the Nazis. Who is the author?
 Saul Bellow
 David Bezmozgis
 Jonathan Safran Foer
 Joan Leegant


Question 8. Who wrote "The Vale of Cedars," a reaction against "Ivanhoe"?
 Grace Aguilar
 Rivkah Kiktiner
 I.L. Peretz
 Mendele Mokher Seforim
 Sara Copio Sullam


Question 9. Which of these is NOT a contemporary Israeli author?
 Aharon Appelfeld
 S.Y. Agnon
 Amoz Oz
 A.B. Yehoshua


Question 10. What is Jewish literature?
 Literature written by Jews
 Literature written in a Jewish language
 Literature with Jewish content
 No definition is completely adequate