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Jewish Languages Quiz

From Hebrew to Aramaic, Ladino, Yiddish, and Judaeo-Arabic--how much do you know about the languages that Jews spoke in the past and continue to speak today?

Question 1. What language is The Zohar written in?


Question 2. What was the original name of the block letters used in Torah scrolls and most printed Hebrew texts?
 Ktav ashuri
 Ktav ivri
 Lashon ha-kodesh


Question 3. Who introduced the system of dots and dashes that indicate how Hebrew words should be pronounced?
 Joshua (Moses' successor)
 Rabbi Akiba
 Rabbis known as the Masoretes


Question 4. When did Hebrew's primacy as a spoken language begin to diminish?
 After the destruction of the First Temple and the exile that followed
 After the destruction of the Second Temple and the exile that followed
 The end of the second millennium C.E.
 The arrival of the Jews in Canaan after wandering in the desert


Question 5. Where is the only Ladino newspaper in the world published?
 Tel Aviv


Question 6. Which of these Jewish thinkers berates modern Jews for neglecting the Hebrew language and, in so doing, becoming Jewishly illiterate?
 Leon Wieseltier
 Jenna Weissman Joselit
 Joseph Soloveitchik
 Abraham Geiger


Question 7. According to rabbinic literature, Hebrew is the language of whom?
 The angels
 All humanity
 All of these


Question 8. Which of these is NOT a Jewish hybrid language?


Question 9. How is Hebrew written?
 From left to right
 From right to left
 From above to below
 From below to above


Question 10. True or false: In the time of the Mishnah, Hebrew was the language for scholarship, but most Jewish people spoke Aramaic.