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Jewish Humor Quiz

Jews have long used humor as a tool for self-ridicule, fighting anti-Semitism, and even passing down traditions. And in the past few decades Jewish humor has become significant in mainstream popular culture. How much do you know about Jewish humor?

Question 1. What contemporary Jewish comedian made the video "The Great Schlep?"
 Adam Sandler
 Seth Rogen
 Jackie Mason
 Sarah Silverman


Question 2. Which of these themes is commonly addressed in Jewish humor?
 The immigrant experience
 Neurotics on New York's Upper West Side
 All of these


Question 3. Which of these is the first biblical character to laugh?


Question 4. Which Jewish writer produced classics of bittersweet humor?
 Mendele Mokher Seforim
 Sholem Aleichem
 I.L. Peretz
 All of these


Question 5. Many of which characters' sketches on Sesame Street are adaptations of traditional Jewish jokes?
 Ernie and Bert
 Big Bird and Snuffy
 Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy
 Big Bird and Count von Count
 Cookie Monster and Elmo


Question 6. "I do not know whether there are many other instances of a people making fun to such a degree of its own character." Who said this about the Jews?
 Sigmund Freud
 Theodor Herzl
 Golda Meir
 Winston Churchill
 Theodor Reik


Question 7. Who was the creator and producer of The Goldbergs?
 Mel Brooks
 Gertrude Berg
 Bill Goldberg
 Hava Aaronson


Question 8. For which TV show was Sid Caesar renown?
 You Bet Your Life
 Your Show of Shows
 The Goldbergs


Question 9. True or false: Humor is one of the hallmarks of Yiddish literature.


Question 10. Woody Allen's Oscar-winning film Annie Hall focuses on what subject?
 Dating between Jews and non-Jews
 Civil unrest in America
 Jewish comedy in the shtetls