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Sephardic Food

Sephardic cuisine refers to foods eaten by a diverse group of Jews that bear the unique stamp of their regions of origin, including Spain, North Africa, the Middle East, Egypt, and Turkey. How much do you know about food from Sephardic communities?

Question 1. Malabi is
 A milk based pudding popular all over the Middle East
 Peppers stuffed with couscous and meat
 A Greek dish involving feta, phyllo dough and olives
 An Arabian coffee drink


Question 2. Which of the following dishes was often served at big Jewish parties in Baghdad?
 Cholent made with lentils and curry
 Masgouf, a salmon dish with tomatoes
 Yerushalmi kugel, made with noodles and black pepper
 Mujaderra made with lentils and onions


Question 3. Dafina is
 A fish stew made with dates and honey
 A covered stew, similar to cholent
 A tomato bread served on the day after Pesach
 An appetizer of spiced meat wrapped in puff pastry


Question 4. True or False: All Sephardic food is heavily influenced by Spanish cuisine with its many pork dishes and tapas.


Question 5. A Sephardic recipe for charoset is likely to contain which of the following ingredients?
 Dates and figs
 Apples and walnuts
 Sprinklings of actual cement
 Horseradish and honey