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Jewish Soups Quiz

How well do you know your soups?

Question 1. According to the Torah, Esau sold his birthright to Jacob for what kind of soup or stew?
 Matzah Ball Soup
 Lentil Stew


Question 2. Which of the following Bible characters performed a miracle involving poisonous stew
 The angel Gabriel


Question 3. Matzah Balls are often described as either
 sinkers or floaters
 sweet or sour
 cold or mushy
 sacred or profane


Question 4. Matzah Ball Soup is traditionally served at
 The Passover Seder
 The Tu Bishvat Seder
 The Purim Seudah
 The Yom Kippur Breakfast


Question 5. Which of these soups originates in Eastern Europe, and is a deep purple color?
 Chicken Soup