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Israeli Food Quiz

Can you tell your hummus from your shakshuka?

Question 1. What are borekas?
 Pockets of pita with hummus inside
 Lamb or turkey grilled on a spit and then served on hamburger buns
 Pockets of puff pastry usually filled with cheese, spinach, or potato
 Balls of chickpea dough fried in oil


Question 2. Which of the following foods would not be typically found at an Israeli breakfast?
 French toast
 A salad of chopped tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers
 Various cheeses


Question 3. Which of the following is a spice found in many Israeli foods?
 Star of Anise


Question 4. Tabbouleh is usually made with what grain?


Question 5. Falafel is typically served in what kind of bread?
 Rye bread