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Jewish Food Quiz

In Jewish life, food takes on all sorts of roles--traditional, social, and spiritual. Jewish cuisine evolved over centuries, in dialogue with local cultures and conditions. How much do you know about Jewish foods and their history?

Question 1. After the Golan Heights were annexed in 1967, which two fruits were planted in the area?
 Grapes and dates
 Kiwis and apples
 Olives and dates
 Apples and grapes


Question 2. Sabich, a popular Israeli food made with eggplant, egg, and hummus, originated in


Question 3. On Lag B'Omer, it is traditional to serve food that is


Question 4. It is traditional to use how many loaves of Challah bread on Shabbat and holidays?


Question 5. The main ingredients of hummus are
 Red peppers
 Chicken breasts


Question 6. Jewish style fried artichokes originate from


Question 7. True or false: Traditionally, every Jewish lifecycle ritual is infused with a seudah, or a ritual celebratory meal.