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Jewish Food Quiz

In Jewish life, food takes on all sorts of roles--traditional, social, and spiritual. Jewish cuisine evolved over centuries, in dialogue with local cultures and conditions. How much do you know about Jewish foods and their history?

Question 1. The Jews of Poland and Russia shared many of the same ingredients and preferences, including
 Carp and salt herring
 Only A & B
 Only A & C


Question 2. The ingredient most commonly associated with Moroccan Jewish food is
 Rye Bread
 Citrus fruit


Question 3. What product is popularly used in Moroccan cooking?
 Aromatic spices
 Dried fruit
 Harissa, a spicy condiment
 All of the above


Question 4. What dish is also known as "Jewish Penicillin"?
 Chicken soup
 Chocolate chip cookies and milk


Question 5. True or false: Traditionally, every Jewish lifecycle ritual is infused with a seudah, or a ritual celebratory meal.


Question 6. The Torah mentions seven special species of food native to the Land of Israel. Which of the following is not one of the seven?


Question 7. For Turkish Jews, new recipes were developed around ingredients that were available and inexpensive, such as