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Jewish Food Quiz

In Jewish life, food takes on all sorts of roles--traditional, social, and spiritual. Jewish cuisine evolved over centuries, in dialogue with local cultures and conditions. How much do you know about Jewish foods and their history?

Question 1. Which food became a staple of German Jewish cooking after merchants traveled to Italy?
 Dried fruit
 Rice with herbs


Question 2. The customary vacation area of New York Jews in the 20th century is nicknamed after which soup?
 Matzah ball soup
 Lentil soup
 Broccoli cheese soup


Question 3. The Jews of Baghdad and Persia mainly cooked what type of dishes?
 Rice, flavored with herbs
 Stuffed vegetables or pastries


Question 4. Leeks and fennel
 Are not kosher and never used in Jewish cuisine
 Are considered meat products for keeping kosher
 Were first used in Jewish cooking before spreading to non-Jewish areas
 Are considered dairy products for keeping kosher


Question 5. According to food historian Jennifer Berg, throughout the 20th century Jewish holiday meals and catered affairs such as Bar Mitzvahs and weddings were "all about quantity." This means:
 That the variety of food represents numerous different cultures
 The portions are much larger than they used to be
 It's all about how many food sculptures you have at one event
 Events have as many Jewish produced foods at one event as possible


Question 6. It is traditional to use how many loaves of Challah bread on Shabbat and holidays?


Question 7. True or false: Traditionally, every Jewish lifecycle ritual is infused with a seudah, or a ritual celebratory meal.