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Sephardic Judaism Quiz

Sephardic Jews have a rich history, and over time they have developed their own traditions, customs, and laws. How much do you know about Sephardic Jewry?

Question 1. On Passover Sephardic halakhah allows one to eat which of the following foods?
 All of the above


Question 2. True or false: The terms Converso, Marrano, New Christian, and Crypto-Jew are all intermittently applied to describe the same group of people.


Question 3. What is the appropriate thing to say to someone after they have received an aliyah at a Sephardic synagogue?
 Barukh Hu
 Yashar Koach
 Hazak U'Barukh


Question 4. The word sepharad refers to which country?


Question 5. True/False: The oldest synagogue in the United States is a Sephardic synagogue.


Question 6. On Passover some Sephardic families have the custom of gently hitting each other with
 green onions
 stalks of wheat


Question 7. Which of the following great Jewish thinkers was Sephardic?
 Rabbi Moshe Isserles
 The Hofetz Hayim
 Rabbi Moshe Soloveitchik


Question 8. The Sephardic pronunciation of the Hebrew word for Sabbath is
 All of the above are acceptable Sephardic pronunciations


Question 9. Which of the following is a Sephardic custom for the Passover seder?
 Making animal sounds during Had Gadya
 Throwing matzah balls during the meal
 Picking up the seder plate and holding it over everyone’s heads during Ha Lahma Anya
 Dressing up as Pharaoh and then changing into a Moses costume halfway through the meal


Question 10. What is Mujaderra?
 A Sephardic dish containing lentils and onions
 A Sephardic dish containing fish and rosewater
 A Sephardic dish made for mothers after they give birth
 A Sephardic dish served only at the meal of consolation after a funeral