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Sephardic Judaism Quiz

Sephardic Jews have a rich history, and over time they have developed their own traditions, customs, and laws. How much do you know about Sephardic Jewry?

Question 1. What is the name of the Moroccan feast held immediately after Passover?
 Mazel tov


Question 2. Who is the current Chief Sephardic Rabbi of Israel?
 Rabbi Ovadia Yosef
 Rabbi Shlomo Amar
 Rabbi Yona Metzger
 Rabbi Moses ben Maimon


Question 3. On Passover Sephardic halakhah allows one to eat which of the following foods?
 All of the above


Question 4. Which of these countries is not considered part of the Sephardic diaspora


Question 5. True/False: A Sephardic custom is not to name a child after a living relative.


Question 6. A Sephardic custom turns which of the following rituals into a joyful party?
 Going to the mikveh before marriage
 Going to the hospital to give birth
 Going to the cemetery to visit a grave
 Going to the beit din for a divorce


Question 7. How many days do Sephardim say selichot before the High Holidays?


Question 8. Which of the following great Jewish thinkers was Sephardic?
 Rabbi Moshe Isserles
 The Hofetz Hayim
 Rabbi Moshe Soloveitchik


Question 9. What does the word Mizrahi mean?
 Not One of Us


Question 10. What is Mujaderra?
 A Sephardic dish containing lentils and onions
 A Sephardic dish containing fish and rosewater
 A Sephardic dish made for mothers after they give birth
 A Sephardic dish served only at the meal of consolation after a funeral