My Jewish Learning

Who is a Jew Quiz

There are many kinds of Jews, and many legal definitions of Jewishness. How much do you know about the spectrum of Jewish identity?

Question 1. What is giyur?
 A convert
 A potential convert
 A descendant of one of the Seven Nations


Question 2. In Reform synagogues, are non-Jews permitted to become members?
 Yes, but only on a special designated "supporter" membership


Question 3. Which of these is not a modern Jewish identity?
 A Korean Reform Jewish woman rabbi
 A black Hasidic rapper
 A Jewish Buddhist
 An Orthodox feminist
 None of these


Question 4. True or false: The terms Converso, Marrano, New Christian, and Crypto-Jew are all intermittently applied to describe the same group of people.


Question 5. What finding in the 2001 American Jewish Identity Survey caused a major stir-up?
 Over half of all American Jews intermarry
 Nearly half of American Jews do not belong to a synagogue
 3/4 of American Jews do not believe in God
 All American Jews will be assimilated or Orthodox by 2050


Question 6. Why is Philip Roth's novel Portnoy's Complaint sometimes seen as anti-Semitic?
 It portrays Jewish men as sexually deviant
 It portrays Jewish men as inclined to prey on gentile women
 It portrays Jewish women as nagging and sexually uninterested
 All of these
 None of these


Question 7. Which of these Jewish symbols is not specific to Ashkenazic culture?
 Tefillin (phylacteries)
 Black hats