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God Quiz

Judaism has long been credited with introducing monotheism to the world. But Jewish conceptions of that one God have varied through the ages.

Question 1. True or false: God is described in the Torah as "the anointed one."


Question 2. Which body part is attributed to God in the Torah?
 An arm
 A leg
 A brain
 A heart


Question 3. Which religion is credited with introducing monotheism to the world?


Question 4. What is the Shiur Komah?
 A popular Torah class offered in Jerusalem
 A medieval disputation about the nature of God
 The archaelogical site of an ancient synagogue
 The earliest Hebrew work that deals with the secret of God Himself


Question 5. True or false: In Kabbalistic mysticism, our prayers are sent directly to the endless and eternal Ein Sof of God, not to the sefirot.


Question 6. What is the main argument of the book God: A Biography?
 God does not exist.
 God is merely a vehicle for the people speaking to God.
 God's character changes through the Bible.
 All of the above
 None of the above


Question 7. According to Maimonides, what is the "fundamental of fundamentals"?
 Devotion to the commandments
 Belief in God
 Acceptance of the Torah
 The notion of Jews as God's Chosen People