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God Quiz

Judaism has long been credited with introducing monotheism to the world. But Jewish conceptions of that one God have varied through the ages.

Question 1. According to Maimonides, what is the "fundamental of fundamentals"?
 Devotion to the commandments
 Belief in God
 Acceptance of the Torah
 The notion of Jews as God's Chosen People


Question 2. True or false: Sometimes in the Bible, people can see God.


Question 3. True or false: Because God is beyond human comprehension, most Jewish thinkers do not try to describe God.


Question 4. Which of these statements about angels is NOT true according to Jewish tradition?
 They perform various functions at God's behest
 They are the object of worship
 They are lower in rank than good men
 They possess form without matter


Question 5. Which of these does God identify as His own name, in the Bible?
 The Omnipresent
 I Am Who I Am
 The Holy One Blessed Be He
 The Name
 The One Who Spoke and Thus Created The World


Question 6. Which religion is credited with introducing monotheism to the world?


Question 7. What is the goal of heikhalot mysticism?
 To meet God
 To know God's intellect and reasoning
 To achieve a vision of God's throne
 To create a world of one's own