My Jewish Learning

God Quiz

Judaism has long been credited with introducing monotheism to the world. But Jewish conceptions of that one God have varied through the ages.

Question 1. What is the primary purpose of kabbalah?
 To gain better concentration for prayer
 To harness the power of Creation
 To achieve great personal gains
 To learn more about the essence of God


Question 2. True or false: The statement "there were no atheists in antiquity" is largely accurate.


Question 3. What did the kabbalists introduce?
 The name HaShem to refer to God
 The idea of humanity being created in God's image
 A distinction between the hidden and revealed aspects of God
 Our rest on Shabbat as a metaphor for God's rest


Question 4. What is the goal of heikhalot mysticism?
 To meet God
 To know God's intellect and reasoning
 To achieve a vision of God's throne
 To create a world of one's own


Question 5. What is panentheism?
 A hierarchy of different Gods, as in Greek thought
 The idea that "God" is the universe as a whole
 The idea that God thinks like a human
 The belief that every form of religious expression is sacred


Question 6. Which of these statements about angels is NOT true according to Jewish tradition?
 They perform various functions at God's behest
 They are the object of worship
 They are lower in rank than good men
 They possess form without matter


Question 7. What is the main argument of the book God: A Biography?
 God does not exist.
 God is merely a vehicle for the people speaking to God.
 God's character changes through the Bible.
 All of the above
 None of the above