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God Quiz

Judaism has long been credited with introducing monotheism to the world. But Jewish conceptions of that one God have varied through the ages.

Question 1. Who introduced the term "Jehovah" as a name for God?
 Christian scholars
 Secular Jewish scholars of Christianity
 The Greek translators of the Torah
 The founders of the Jehovah's Witnesses


Question 2. What is the teleological proof of God's existence?
 The idea of concrete evidence, such as evolution
 The idea that the world is a complicated place, and it's unlikely to become that way by accident
 The idea that our beliefs have a concrete manifestation
 The idea of using the Bible as historical evidence.


Question 3. True or false: There is no single Jewish conception of God.


Question 4. Which school of belief directly influenced Saadiah Gaon's perception of God?
 Mutazilite kalam


Question 5. Which of the following ideas is the Bible concerned with?
 Proving the existence of God
 Establishing the differences between the Jewish God and the Christian God
 Exploring God's creative capacity and oneness
 Establishing a set ritual of prayers


Question 6. What is unique about the creation story in the Bible, compared to other Ancient Near Eastern creation stories?
 Man is created before woman
 It does not discuss the origin of God
 It happens in seven days
 All of these
 None of these


Question 7. What kind of encounter with God was stressed by Martin Buber and Abraham Joshua Heschel?
 A rational encounter, grounded in the role of science in Creation
 An existential encounter, acknowledging that there is no way to approach speaking to God
 A human encounter, grounded in experiential knowledge and emotions
 None of these